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DECServ 700-16 RE#1

Michael Pacenza
Occasional Contributor

DECServ 700-16 RE#1

I have a VXT2000 connected to Port12 on a DECServer. The VXT2000 boots from an InfoServer via Ethernet. The VXT2000 loads properly.

I have a VAX7400 console port on Port5 of the DECServer. There was a "service" setup on the DECServer "U1VAXCP" that allowed me to connect to the VAX7400 so that during the boot process the boot matrix was displayed on the VXT2000. The personnel that setup this configuration (in 1995) are no longer available to me. It is my understanding that the port was set up as a printer port. A serial port? I know the NVM port configuration settings should not have been affected by a power loss, but the setting
they were. All 16 ports are at default. I have tried several combinations of the Port5 setting and a service to connect to the VAX7400, with no luck. I have attached additional info, port setting, connections failure info...

Lawrence Czlapinski
Trusted Contributor

Re: DECServ 700-16 RE#1

The port would be set up as a serial port not a printer port.
These are the settings we use for our DECserver ports that connect to console ports:
Character Size: 8
Input Speed: 9600
Flow Control: XON Output Speed: 9600
Parity: None Signal Control: Disabled
Stop Bits: Dynamic Signal Select: CTS-DSR-RTS-DTR

Access: Remote
Local Switch: None
Backwards Switch: None Name: node_name
Break: Local Session Limit: 4
Forwards Switch: None Type: Ansi
Default Protocol: LAT

Preferred Service: None

Authorized Groups: 0
(Current) Groups: 0

Enabled Characteristics:
Autobaud, Autoprompt, Broadcast, Failover, Input Flow Control, Lock,
Loss Notification, Message Codes, Output Flow Control, Verification
Note: If your device is not an ANSI device you would use type Hard.
Michael Yu_3
Valued Contributor

Re: DECServ 700-16 RE#1

Hi Michael,

This seems to be the same question as the previous one.

Here is my answer again.

When you create a local service provided by the terminal server, you have to associate it with some ports of the terminal server. In your case, it should be port 5, which connects to the console of the VAX.

LOCAL> Change service U1VAX1CP ports 5
LOCAL> Change service U1VAX1CP connect enab

When you do a show service, the rating should NOT be zero.

Also the port should have access remote or dynamic.

LOCAL> Change port 5 access dynamic

You should be able to see the service U1VAX1CP. Connecting to this service will connect you to the console of VAX7740.

Thanks and regards.

Allan Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: DECServ 700-16 RE#1