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DS15 (Alpha) is shutting off

Tony Saucedo
Occasional Contributor

DS15 (Alpha) is shutting off

We have received a report of a DS15 at a customer remote site is shutting down or has been shutdown/powered off with user interaction.

I understand this DS15 system is on UPS other systems in the same room are found powered up.

What would cause the DS15 to be found shutdown?

Even if power was loss, shouldn't the Alpha boot at least to the ">>>" (if no Auto_Action was set)>

I am not aware of the Alpha having an option like PCs have in their BIOS to Start on When Power is Restored.

Any ideas?

I'm hoping the ERRLOG.SYS may have some information.
I notice this log is not All text. What utility can be used to read the ERRLOG.SYS?
Wim Van den Wyngaert
Honored Contributor

Re: DS15 (Alpha) is shutting off

To auto reboot :

>set autoaction BOOT

If your node crashed for some reason, check the files in sys$common:[syserr] /since=xxx.

If your node is shutdown by someone, you should find some log files for it (depends on how you boot/shutdown).

If your node lost power, you have none of the above.

Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: DS15 (Alpha) is shutting off


to read ERRLOG.SYS, use


Have one on me.


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Heinz W Genhart
Honored Contributor

Re: DS15 (Alpha) is shutting off

Hi Tony

a reason for the shutdown could be, that the system reched its overheat temperature and did a aoutomatic shutdown


Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: DS15 (Alpha) is shutting off


to translate ERRLOG.SYS, you'll need ANAL/ERR/ELV (is included in OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-2 or higher) or you need to separately install DECevent V3.4 or WEBES (SEA).

Also consider to have a look into SYS$MANAGER:OPERATOR.LOG.

May the system be running UPS control software (to check the state of the UPS and power) ? I've seen this type of software to cause 'false' alarms and automatically shut down the system.

Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: DS15 (Alpha) is shutting off

check the alpha PSUs as problems with these can cause the alpha to turn itself off.
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John Abbott_2
Esteemed Contributor

Re: DS15 (Alpha) is shutting off

That reminds me... some Alpha systems (suspect the DS15 isn't one of 'em!) have a micro switch inside the lid that makes sure the power is cut when opened. Maybe it's been accessed recently and something not sitting pretty... or there's an switch/cir fault.

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Jeffrey Willemsen
Frequent Advisor

Re: DS15 (Alpha) is shutting off

You can login to the RMC controller to have a look at the logged events so you can see if who or what made it shutdown. To enter the RMC do the following:

Entering from a Serial Terminal
Invoke the RMC from a serial terminal by typing the following default escape sequence: ^[^[ rmc

* This sequence is equivalent to typing Ctrl/left bracket, Ctrl/left bracket, rmc. On some keyboards, the Esc key functions like the Ctrl/left bracket combination.

To exit, enter the quit command. This action returns you to whatever you were doing before you invoked the RMC. In the following example, the quit command returns you to the system COM1 port.

RMC> quit
Returning to COM port

Entering from the Local VGA Monitor
To enter the RMC from the local VGA monitor, the console environment variable must be set to graphics and COM1_MODE must be set to THROUGH. Invoke the SRM console on the VGA monitor and enter the rmc command.

>>>set Com1_mode through
You are about to connect to the Remote Management Console.
Use the RMC reset command or press the front panel reset
button to disconnect and to reload the SRM console.
Do you really want to continue? [y/(n)] y
Please enter the escape sequence to connect to the Remote
Management Console.

After you enter the escape sequence, the system enters the CLI and the RMC> prompt is displayed. When the RMC session is completed, reset the system with the Reset button on the operator control panel if the button has been configured for reset or issue the RMC reset command.

RMC> reset
Returning to COM port

After you logged in you could use the "stat" command and you would get something like this:

RMC> stat

hp AlphaServer TS15 Platform Status (check system type)
RMC Runtime Firmware Revision: V0.6-5
RMC Booter Firmware Revision: V1.0-0
System Power: ON
System Halt: Deasserted
Escape Sequence: ^[^[RMC
Remote Access: Disabled
Modem RMC Defaults: Disabled Status: Not Initialized
RMC Password: Not Set
Alerts: Disabled Warning Alerts: Disabled
Alert Pending: NO
Latest Alert: Fan failure
Init String:
Dial String: ATD72125
Alert String: pager #
User String: there is something wrong with my DS15 system
Logout Timer: 10 minutes
Voltage Status: OK
Thermal Status: OK Thermal Shutdown: Enabled
Warning Threshold: 45.00°C Fatal/Power-Down Threshold: 50.00°C
Fan Status: OK Fan Shutdown: Enabled
PCI Riser: Installed

You can also use the log command to see the last 10 logged alerts. Use "help" to see all available commands. After you are done here you can exit with "reset" and your normal console will return.
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