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DecDNS "DNAME" process.

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The Brit
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DecDNS "DNAME" process.

I am running DecNet Phase V on OVMS 8.3-1H1.

I do not use DecDNS.

In SDA, Show LAN shows the DNAME process running on all interfaces,
(EWA0, EWB0, EWC0, and EWD0). I would like to get rid of these processes.

If I

define/Sys DNS$ETHERNET_DEVICE "don't use EWA0:, EWB:, EWC0:, EWD0:"

(i.e. ALL of my Ethernet Ports), will this do the job?? Or will this cause me problems.

Second Question: Will this get rid of the DNS$ADVER process??


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Re: DecDNS "DNAME" process.



(I'd go toward simple with a straight comma-separated list of devices rather than seeking to (fully) use that goofy syntax shown in the DECnet-Plus documentation. Using what's fully allowed with that syntax looks like it's just asking for trouble. I'd tend toward KISS here.)

and also see:

ncl> disable dns clerk
ncl> delete dns clerk



Try it on your test systems first, of course.

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Re: DecDNS "DNAME" process.

Just an FYI... if you choose to prevent the DNS$ADVER process from running your TT_ACCPORNAM field will no longer include the node name for a SET HOST connection. So, for example, the parenthetical info in the "Terminal" field of a SHOW USER/FULL display will change. Not likely a problem unless you've written any software that depends upon this field.
The Brit
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Re: DecDNS "DNAME" process.

Thanks for your response Hoff. Regarding the logical text, the only reason for keeping it, or something like it, is that The logical name does not include whether it is enabling or disabling devices.

And Jim, thanks for that little snippet. Those are the kind of gems that we normally only get through pain and suffering.



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Re: DecDNS "DNAME" process.

> Those are the kind of gems that we normally only get through pain and suffering.

Yep, been there investigating for a customer who had code that referenced TT_ACCPORNAM.