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DecWindows and SSH (VanDyke SecureCRT)

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James T Horn
Frequent Advisor

DecWindows and SSH (VanDyke SecureCRT)

I have been trying to setup my workstation to use SSH & different Xwindows programs (mostly opensource) to get Terminal and browser windows open and was wondering if someone had some instructions.
Honored Contributor

Re: DecWindows and SSH (VanDyke SecureCRT)

I'm not familiar with that VanDyke box, but here are some instructions for using ssh from a generic X Window server on Mac OS X into OpenVMS and DECwindows:

Stanley F Quayle
Valued Contributor

Re: DecWindows and SSH (VanDyke SecureCRT)

I used SecureCRT for quite a while. I'm using Linux for my systems now, so SecureCRT isn't an option. I use putty, but it's not as clean as SecureCRT.

I was able to redirect Xwin sessions through SecureCRT -- the configuration is pretty straightforward (and might even be in the Help).
Rick Dyson
Valued Contributor

Re: DecWindows and SSH (VanDyke SecureCRT)

VanDyke SecureCRT has supported X11 forwarding with all the SSH versions I have used on OpenVMS (Free OSU, MultiNet and HP). At least up to VMS v7.3-2 (limit if my experience). Can you tell us versions you are using? OpenVMS, TCP/IP stack, SSH server, SecureCRT version, X11 Server on (I assume Windows), Windows version?

Using a X11 Server on a Windows box can be risky. Almost everyone has (by default) wide open access. I.e., they do not turn on Access Control so simple port 6000 connections and keyboard loggers can connect to your PC silently and harvest whatever they want!

There are also some tricks in setting up the X11 connection on the PC correctly when using the SSH X11 tunnel. I can send you a doc I had for users years ago.


James T Horn
Frequent Advisor

Re: DecWindows and SSH (VanDyke SecureCRT)

OpenVMS 8.3
TCPIP 5.6 - Eco 3
Xwindows client Xming
SecureCRT 6.2.0
Windows Vista

I've gotten the DecWindows terminal working with Xming at this point, now if I can get this setup using a secure connection.
Rick Dyson
Valued Contributor

Re: DecWindows and SSH (VanDyke SecureCRT)

OK, lots of new ground for me. :) Never used vista, vms8.3 or xming.

On SecureCRT config you have the "Forward X11 packets" checked?

I can't recall if the SSHd config needed to turn on the X11 forwarding or if it was enabled by default? Anyone know? I am only familiar with TCPIP for OpenVMS v5.4 ECO 7.

With HP v5.4, I did find I had to use a custom Remote port setup for SecureCRT. I attached a word doc screen capture for the important part and a sample X11 server config. I really hope this is not still true with HP v5.6! I believe it was a work around to a problem in the initial v5.4.

When connected via a SSH session w/ X11 forwarding turned on, I see this:

$ show display

Device: WSA13: [super]
Transport: TCPIP
Server: 10
Screen: 0

Note the server of "10". I believe you will need to configure XMImg to allow access from the localhost:6000 if you turn on Access Control (recommended!). See the screen capture.

I can provide some old notes for 5 years ago when I tackled this problem. But I worry they might not be relavant due to the new variables you are using.