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Decnet plus over IP and proxies

Peter Zeiszler
Trusted Contributor

Decnet plus over IP and proxies



I am currently using decnet phase IV and have to try to get decnet over IP operational.  We have one environment using Multinet with Phase IV and am familiar with multinet/decnet configuration - but we are migrating to itaniums using HP TCPIP stack (8.4 openvms) and I have to get same operations working but across different decnet area (8.xxx vs 15.xxx) and geographic locations.  I am new to Phase V.  Tried to migrate 10+ years ago but had issues then and it was cancelled.


I am thinking that I have to install Decnet Plus, run the configuration in advanced mode and setup for local,domain on both ends.  I think the domain option would translate the name to IP and allow communication.

Did I miss anything for basic node to node decnet over IP?


How do I add that name into the proxy?

Would it be "mc authorize add/proxy node_a::system system/d" ?

(we actually have multiple proxies based on different accounts but if I can get one working I can get the reset working)


Would this be same syntax or do I need to add something to indicate that this is now a different node?

Peter Zeiszler
Trusted Contributor

Re: Decnet plus over IP and proxies

Guess I should have read a little more cause I found on proxies I should be able to use the fully qualified name.

So it appears it would be:

mc authorize add/proxy node_a.domain.com::system system/d


If that don't work will post again with any messages or errors.

Jeremy Begg
Trusted Contributor

Re: Decnet plus over IP and proxies

Hi Peter,


You may find you need to add two sets of proxies:





The first will be used by nodes which connect using DNA protocol, the second by nodes that use DECnet over IP.  By default, DECnet-Plus will try an IP connection first then try a DNA connection.


(And if there's a way to get it to default to DNA first, what is it?)



Jeremy Begg


Re: Decnet plus over IP and proxies



I think the order can be influenced by the definitions in the NCL Characteristic Attribute:




but to be 100% sure try using the CDI$TRACE utility and look at the output.




Re: Decnet plus over IP and proxies

If SESSION CONTOL NAMING SEARCH PATH does not influence the order in which the type of connections are initiated, then there is a case for extending the definitions of the characteristic attribute

SESSION CONTOL TRANSPORT PRECEDENCE  to include a definition for DECnet over IP (DOIP)



Node 0 Session Control
at 2012-06-21-12:06:03.895+02:00I0.064


    Transport Precedence              =
          doip, nsp, osi

We can but dream ....



Bob Blunt
Respected Contributor

Re: Decnet plus over IP and proxies

The configuration of OSI and the towers you have enabled and in use will also play into how proxies need to be configured.  So you might need to use the original style proxy as well as one or more styles of "new" proxies.  In any case you WILL need to use the system to configure and create a new style NET$PROXY.DAT and cycle proxy processing.  Most seems to depend on what tower is used to connect to the remote node and this is also dependent on the information retained about the remote node in the CDI cache.


Systems with multiple NICs can be quite ... interesting, btw.