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Decserver700 and stalled queues

Marcos Llano
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Decserver700 and stalled queues

Hi everyone,
I have a DecServer 700 with 6 printers attached. My problem is that at some point all ports still connected. One session is still conected at the port and when I try to print something, the print queu remains stalled. Looking what happening, I found that the cause of this situation is something called SYMBIONT. Sorry but I don't know what is exactly. I think that is something like a daemon. And I think that when I print something, a procces is created called SYMBIONT and a number. Looking this I have 4 procces:
Pid Process Name State Pri I/O CPU Page flts Pages2020047E SYMBIONT_111 HIB 6 109030 0 00:00:12.55 14436 23 2020047F SYMBIONT_113 HIB 6 7734 0 00:00:00.71 4110 23 202004F9 SYMBIONT_122 HIB 4 11802 0 00:00:01.07 406 250 202006B1 SYMBIONT_131 HIB 4 38199 0 00:00:03.39 401 245

And this is the state of on port in my DecServer:
Port 2: (Remote) Server: TS2100
Access: Remote Current Service: VX2102Status: Connected Current Node: VX2102Sessions: 1 Current Port: LTA5006
Input XOFFed: No Output Signals: DTR RTSOutput XOFFed: No Input Signals: CTS DSR RXD

It's strange because I have more DecServ700 with printers and don't have this problem. Only happend with this DecServer. And Yes, I try to change the DecServer. Right now, this is the second DecServer that I try. Maybe the configuration, but is exactly the same as other that work fine

Thaks and regards

Ian Miller.
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Re: Decserver700 and stalled queues

A symbiont is the process that processes files sent to the queue by sending them to the printer.
Can you post the result of SHOW QUEUE/FULL for that queue. Is the printer OK?
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Marcos Llano
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Re: Decserver700 and stalled queues


I attach a screenshoot of one of the six queues attached to the DecServer. The problem is that every morning I do a stop/que/reset and start/que of all the queues that are connected to this DecServer





Bob Blunt
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Re: Decserver700 and stalled queues

Marcos, seems like this should be something simpler to solve but first let's discuss some basics.  The "newer" DECservers can be slightly misleading and can be setup using application ports that could either be LAT-based or IP-based (since the 700s are capable of supporting both with the right configuration and software.  Are your printers being used by multiple systems in different locations?


So, please, what type machine(s), what O/S version, what IP stack (and version)?  What type printer?  Are you using DCPS (and what version)?


You can also get bitten by networking configuration if you have multiple segments between the systems and the DECservers and one segment isn't capable of supporting LAT (IF LAT is the connection used to build your application ports).


If you could post the commands used in LATCP to generate the connections to the DECserver through the printer that would be most helpful, one for the port that fails most often would be fine.  Depending on your setup those commands could be located in LAT$SYSTARTUP.COM or one of the DCPS startup command procedures usually in either SYS$STARTUP: or SYS$MANAGER:


A "screen scrape" of the PORT configuration on your DECserver could also be helpful.  There are a LOT of configuration bits on the DECserver700s that can muddle things, some that might not seem obvious.  We had a *LOT* of trouble when we left any of the automated messages enabled on our DECserver ports for instance.  Port configuration should be as simple and logical as you can make them.