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Displaying Fibre Speed

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Jack Trachtman
Super Advisor

Displaying Fibre Speed

Is there a cmd that will display the speed of a fibre-channel port (similar to the way the LANCP cmd SHOW DEV EIA0/CHAR will show the ethernet port speed)?
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Re: Displaying Fibre Speed

The fifth hit in Google for a targeted search for your query is:


Which has your answer.

Here's the targeted Google query I used to answer your question:


Robert Gezelter
Honored Contributor

Re: Displaying Fibre Speed


For completeness. Note that the speed of the port does not say anything about the rest of the SAN beyond that segment.

The speeds (and activity loading) of the rest of the network can dramatically affect the effective usable bandwidth at the fibre-channel port (as opposed to the theoretical speed).

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
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Re: Displaying Fibre Speed


Another SAN question.

When a SAN switch is restarted the VMS HBA's don't login again to the SAN switch.

It will put the path to state "not responding".

Is there a command on OpenVMS to tell/force the HBA to logon to the fabric ?

A work around is to disconnect the fiber cable from the SAN switch and reconnet it.

I hope there is a command on the OpenVMS platform that can do the same.

Jack Trachtman
Super Advisor

Re: Displaying Fibre Speed


The link gave me the info I needed. Thanks
Jon Pinkley
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Re: Displaying Fibre Speed


Since it appears that you have used the same ITRC account as Dirk, is this query in any way related to the following thread?


I am not sure what you mean by "VMS HBA's don't login again to the SAN switch". I don't remember ever having this problem when upgrading firmware on HP's Brocade based switches, and upgrading the firmware involves restarting the SAN switch.

If this is a question, please open a new thread, or if it is related to the thread referenced in this comment, then have Dirk ask there. Ideally, have Dirk create his own ITRC account. I see no benefit of having multiple people use the same ITRC username.

it depends