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Distributed Netbeans - Empty projects

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Rene Lamotte
Occasional Visitor

Distributed Netbeans - Empty projects


I need some help using Distributed Netbeans to develop on OpenVMS servers.

I've installed the server package even on two different servers (one alpha, one integrity) and I've used two client systems (one local binary netbeans and one installer).

The problem is every time when I want to create a project, it appears empty in the projects tab. There is just a "file" symbol without name and not clickable.

On the server side I can see that the nbproject directory and some file were created. Also the ide$user process was started successfully.

When I pressed the finish button in the project creation, I got the attached netbeans exceptions.

Anyone out here who knows that problem or can imaginate what it could be?

Many thanks in advance.

Honored Contributor

Re: Distributed Netbeans - Empty projects

The following is not going to be a particularly helpful answer, and I've not finished the how-to article I've been working on.

Check the ownerships on the directories and files involved. Java is sensitive to the user's access into the projects area.

I've ended up setting default protections ACLs for the working areas, and have this stuff working.

$ set acl /acl=((ident=NetbeansUser,opt=def,acc=r+w+e+d), (ident=NetbeansUser,acc=r+w+e+d)) ddcu:[dir]workspace.dir
$ set acl /acl=((ident=NetbeansUser,opt=def,acc=r+w+e+d), (ident=NetbeansUser,acc=r+w+e+d)) ddcu:[dir.workspace...]*.*.*

(Yeah, I know, old DCL command syntax. I'm old, too. Get over it.)

(Java RMI also sensitive to your network configuration and has a severe allergy to NAT and VPN configurations, and throws the most interesting error "redirections" when your network isn't as expected. That took a while to sort out, given the contents of the exception.)

I was able to NetBeans working from a Mac OS X box into an OpenVMS box both on the local LAN and into a remote OpenVMS box via a NAT'd VPN; it does work.

It usually takes some set-up and/or gonzo-class privileges in the OpenVMS IDE$SERVER and NetBeans server environment. (As a quick test, try a fully-privileged OpenVMS username.)

If you have support, call HP and ask for help setting this stuff up. Or call in somebody to have a look at it.
Rene Lamotte
Occasional Visitor

Re: Distributed Netbeans - Empty projects

Thanks for your answer Hoff.

I've checked the ownerships and set the ACL's as you posted but still no luck. The new created projects are still empty.

NAT and VPN are not used.

Any other suggestions?
ramesh balla
Occasional Visitor

Re: Distributed Netbeans - Empty projects

Hi Rene,
From the previous logs that you sent we could find that you were running JDK version 1.6.0_01 at client side which is unsupported.

Can you please uninstall the JDK version 1.6.0_01 and install JDK Version 5.0 Update 14 or later on the client?

This should help to solve the problem. Let us know otherwise.

Recommended configuration:-


NetBeans V5.5-1

JDK Version 5.0 Update 14 or later


OpenVMS I64 or Alpha Version 8.2 or higher

Software Development Kit (SDK) v 1.4.2-7 (or higher) for OpenVMS I64 or Alpha for the Java Platform

Rene Lamotte
Occasional Visitor

Re: Distributed Netbeans - Empty projects

Easiest things are often the difficultest. Many thanks for the answers. Both helped to solve the problem.
Rene Lamotte
Occasional Visitor

Re: Distributed Netbeans - Empty projects

Working as expected after changing the directory owner and updating to jdk5