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EMC SAN disk can not be detected without rebooting

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EMC SAN disk can not be detected without rebooting

Folks, I'm back with a few sets of question, hope you will still help me out here:

One of our test node, an Alpha ES45 is installed with OpenVMS v7.3-1. We are currently testing it with our EMC DMX800. What we are trying to do is to add a SAN disk to the node, and hoping, that we do not need a reboot to do that.

However, we have been unsuccessful so far on this. After I get a word from our SAN administrator that the disk has already been mapped and should be seen already by the ES45, I do a $ syminq, then a $ mc sysman io auto. So far, no luck. Asked HP about it and was advised to install the patch (and its pre-requisites) DEC-AXPVMS-VMS731_FIBRE_SCSI-V0700--4.PCSI, and still no luck.

However, if I do a reboot of the node, the new disk can be seen.

Is this a hardware issue on our end? Or do we just need to execute additional commands aside from the syminq and io auto, so that we can see the new disk and will not need a reboot to do so?

Again, thanks in advance for your help!
John Abbott_2
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Re: EMC SAN disk can not be detected without rebooting

DEC-AXPVMS-VMS731_FIBRE_SCSI-V0700--4.PCSI requires a reboot to work. I assume the disk then appeared. What happends if you (without rebooting) present another disk (or dismount the existing one and change the unit number), does an $mc sysman io a/log pick up the new one ?

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