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EMC networker problems on openvms 8.3

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EMC networker problems on openvms 8.3



I have inherited an es47 with eva attached and I have a small msl6000 tape library running openvms8.3. I am new to VMS and a little slow. The box has EMC Networker 6.0 which EMC will not support due to old versioning. We dont want to upgrade because we are changing technology so I will be able to use ndmp by end of year. My problem is that the NSR service and RPC service dont seem to be running. Can maybe someone help me troubleshoot? check remote storage node: RCP error: Remote system error.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

James Amend
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Re: EMC networker problems on openvms 8.3

Have you done


$ @sys$startup:nsr$startup


That starts up NetWorker.