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ESX on EVA - Console LUN ID?

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ESX on EVA - Console LUN ID?

I have ESX 2.5.3 in production on an EVA 4000. Whenever I go to Storage Management I always get a pop-up about the partition table & "geometry info is invalid". After clicking OK to rescan the SAN, everything is fine. I have been told this is due to a management LUN on the SAN (Console LUN ID = 0 ?).

Is there some way to mask this management LUN or change it to a higher number to prevent this pop-up all the time? I have attached a screenshot of the pop-up & CommandView EVA settings. We only have one shelf and it is partitioned as a single 655GB vdisk\LUN - we might be getting another shelf, but I'm not worried about hitting the default maximum LUN count for awhile.

Volker Halle
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Re: ESX on EVA - Console LUN ID?


welcome to the OpenVMS ITRC forum.

Although your question may or may not have anything to do with OpenVMS, here is a pointer to a previous ITRC thread, which seems to answer your question:


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Re: ESX on EVA - Console LUN ID?

OOPS - I think I was viewing an OpenVMS response when I created my account & posted. I will repost in the SAN area to reach the proper audience.

Thanks for the link.