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EVA 4000 LUN Expansion on VMS

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EVA 4000 LUN Expansion on VMS

Can anyone confirm or deny the following LUN/Vdisk expansion procedure works non-destructively on VMS 7.3 on an EVA 4000?


To enable Dynamic Volume Expansion (DVE) on an existing disk volume (available on V7.3-2 and later), dismount the volume and remount it
privately. Issue the DCL command SET VOLUME/LIMIT. Dismount and then remount the volume appropriately; remount the volume for your normal operations. When more storage is required, you can now issue the DCL command SET VOLUME/SIZE to resize the volume.
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 4000 LUN Expansion on VMS

As the wizard writes: 'on V7.3-2 and later'
It seems you have V7.3.

regards Kalle
Tom O'Toole
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Re: EVA 4000 LUN Expansion on VMS

VMS 7.3 can use volumes that have been resized on 7.3-2 systems (I'm pretty sure). Since you are dismounting anyway, if you have a spare 7.3-2 system to which to present this volume, you should be able to do it that way.
Can you imagine if we used PCs to manage our enterprise systems? ... oops.
Volker Halle
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Re: EVA 4000 LUN Expansion on VMS

From the system manager manual:

'Volumes that use the dynamic volume expansion feature can be used by any AlphaServer or VAX system
running OpenVMS Version 7.2 or higher.'

If running V7.3, you could do the expansion also when booted from an OpenVMS V7.3-2 (or higher) CD.

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA 4000 LUN Expansion on VMS

When you want to use the CD method, use an OpenVMS Alpha V8.2 CD, as there is a problem with the SET VOLUME/LIMIT command when booted from a V7.3-2 CD.

Trusted Contributor

Re: EVA 4000 LUN Expansion on VMS

Sorry for misleading. We are on 7.3-2 and booting from local drives.

Thanks all for your confirmation.
Jan van den Ende
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Re: EVA 4000 LUN Expansion on VMS


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