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EVA - Continuos Access

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EVA - Continuos Access

Hi, Does anyone have hands-on experience with the subject matter? The plan is to replicate from (7) EVA’s to (5) EVA’s over an OC-3/local connection. Besides the firmware being at the right levels are there any pros, cons, gotcha’s etc. Any info will be truly appreciated.

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Jan van den Ende
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Re: EVA - Continuos Access


CA is _INCOMPATIBLE_ with HBVS (Host Base Volume shadowing) which offers MUCH superior functionality in VMScluater environments.

Keith Parris has some good info on this - Keith, if you are monitoring - can you jump in?



Have one on me (perhaps in May in Nashua?)


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Robert Gezelter
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Re: EVA - Continuos Access


I would also recommend using Hostbased Volume Shadowing in a VMS cluster environment.

Getting continuous access throughout a migration is well within its capabilities, as is increasing the sizes of the volumes. I presented a session on this at the 2005 HP Technology Forum, the notes are at http://www.rlgsc.com/hptechnologyforum/2005/1146.html

Done properly, migration is transparent to the users.

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
Ian Miller.
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Re: EVA - Continuos Access

See Kieth's presentations at

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