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Encrypting Save Sets-Open VMS


Encrypting Save Sets-Open VMS

I would like to encrypt all my backup savesets on Open VMS 7.3 using the BACKUP/ENCRYPT command. I know that this requires a key to be created. Is there a random key that the software can generate, and if so how can I find the key to decrypt in case of a restore.
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Re: Encrypting Save Sets-Open VMS

I'm sure that si nicely described in the Doc. Did you check there first (I did not)

google: +backup +encrypt + site:itrc.hp.com

read examples like:


You'll seen add +aes to the gogle string and find more detaield help. For example in:


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Re: Encrypting Save Sets-Open VMS

The particular key is specified by the user. See the ENCRYPT /CREATE_KEY command, or the BACKUP /ENCRYPT qualifier. The operation typically expects a key specification, or it will tend to prompt the user for the key to use.

As for commands, you would use the ENCRYPT command to encrypt files, and would use the BACKUP /ENCRYPT=(VALUE=keyvalue) or /ENCRYPT=(NAME=keyname) command for BACKUP savesets.

If you specify just BACKUP /ENCRYPT with no particular key referenced, BACKUP will prompt you for the key to use.

On OpenVMS releases prior to V8.3, encryption uses DES. With V8.3, encryption can also use AES.

Encryption is licensed with OpenVMS V8.2 and later, and integrated in V8.3. On V7.3, you will need both an encryption license PAK and the installation of the encryption product itself.

Details on the encryption product (for releases prior to OpenVMS V8.3) are available in the left navigation of the OpenVMS documentation web site; look for the Encryption product manual that is available there. http://www.hp.com/go/openvms/doc/

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Re: Encrypting Save Sets-Open VMS

there is also an intro to this in VAU #5

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Re: Encrypting Save Sets-Open VMS


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Re: Encrypting Save Sets-Open VMS

I am in the process of testing encryption. Thanks!