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Error : Charon Vax node not responding

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Error : Charon Vax node not responding

Hello ,


Kind help required. i am using charon vax, and i am facing a problem all of a sudden.

It was working till time. But now the console is not working.


The log messages of charon tells "failed to start the emulator. Node not responding"


I am using vt4k opa0 console to interact and boot the server.


But when i double click on the terminal icon, nothing comes up. So cant go ahead to boot the server.


You have any idea, on how to go ahead.


Please give your valuable suggestions to solve this.




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Re: Error : Charon Vax node not responding

Upgrade your Charon configuration and software to the current; the release notes for Stromasys list a number of updates, including issues with starting the emulation.


Failing that and if this is a hobbyist installation, then switch to simh (free) and see if that works better.


If this is a commercial installation, then please contact the Stromasys support folks directly for assistance.


If you want to discuss this further here, then please post the particulars of the configuration and the version.   (But FWIW, if the emulator hasn't started, then this isn't an OpenVMS problem, this is a problem with the Charon configuration, with the Charon software, or with Microsoft Windows.   In OpenVMS conceptual terms, you appear to have some bad "hardware" here, and there's no much that software can do about that, until the 'hardware" gets fixed.)


Re: Error : Charon Vax node not responding

Hello Hoff,

Thanks for your answer.


Here are the configuration details:

OS Environment: Microsoft ,  (Build 7600). windows R 2012
Host CPU:       Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           E5504  @ 2.00GHz. . . (GenuineIntel, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5, ~2000MHz) x4.

Host Memory:    4096Mb


The below is the error  shown in the log file:

tpool.cxx(1079):  cpu: The ACE option is ommited; enable ACE as license default.
mscpdisk.c( 333):  DUA0 is being set OFFLINE
The previous message has been repeated 6 times.
ERROR:2:0000010A:ndis5chpac( 868):  (2) Le fichier spécifié est introuvable. :  eza_0: Failed to create symbolic link to the packet driver \\.\Packet_{CA4FECAB-49BE-4AF6-9C5D-860459408118} -> \Device\Packet_{CA4FECAB-49BE-4AF6-9C5D-860459408118}.
ERROR:2:0000016C:  node.cxx( 477):  Failed to initialize eza_0.
ERROR:2:00000170:  node.cxx( 515):  The configured node failed to initialize due to configuration errors.
INFO :0:00000346:windskf.cx(1222):  pka_2_0 is being set OFFLINE
INFO :0:00000348:mscptape.c( 221):  MUA500 is being set OFFLINE
INFO :0:00000346:windskf.cx(1222):  pka_3_0 is being set OFFLINE
The previous message has been repeated 3 times.
ERROR:2:00000177:sesmgr.cxx( 599):  session: Failed to start the configured node. The node has not responded properly to start request.
INFO :0:0000009E:ethane.cxx(2942):  Emulator failed to start at Sat Jul 25 08:14:26 2015.
ERROR:2:0000007E:ethane.cxx(9953):  (87) Paramètre incorrect. :  session: Failed to start the configuration.
INFO :0:0000024A:ethane.cxx(8461):  Logging stopped.

Volker Halle
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Re: Error : Charon Vax node not responding

There is a configuration error with the mapping of the eza_0 network interface to a Windows netword card.


Use the CHARON NCC Utility to re-define the LAN interface to be used by CHARON-VAX.




Re: Error : Charon Vax node not responding

Thank you Volker.

i will try to reconfigure the network issue by choosing the physical adapter.


Right now i am inaccessible to adminsitration previlages.


I will let you know after my try.


In addition, the following is also the problems i could trace through NCC:


ERROR:2:0400016C:netdiagnos( 262):  NETCFG-UTILITY: Administrative privileges required to run CHARON Network Control Center.
INFO :0:04000091: testshell( 409):  NETCFG-UTILITY: The network configuration check results:
ERROR:2:0400012A:   nettree(1816):  NETCFG-UTILITY: System call QueryInterface failed.System error 0x80070005: Accès refusé..
ERROR:2:0400012A:   nettree(1887):  NETCFG-UTILITY: System call EnumComponents failed.System error 0x80070005: Accès refusé..
ERROR:2:04000092: testshell( 423):  NETCFG-UTILITY: Failed to discover the network setup.
WARN :1:04000094: testshell( 441):  NETCFG-UTILITY: Physical adapter does not found.




Re: Error : Charon Vax node not responding


Thanks a lot.

Problem solved after reconfiguring the network on your advice.


For information i followed the following steps:

1) Launch NCC : start--> programs-->charon --> utilities --> Network control center versionxxx

2) select "configure NIC" then Next

3) Select the checkbox corresponding to the physical adapter to be used by charon

4) Click assign adapter to charon. Leave some time(30 sec). Next

5) Select "SCSI"(second option based on your windows disc scsi/ eza_0 as per the configuration file)

6) click Next and then finish.