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I’ve got PC VMS system. How I can open for reading FOLDER_LOCK directory?
Steven Schweda
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> I've got PC VMS system. How I can open for
> reading FOLDER_LOCK directory?

None of that makes any sense to me.

What is a "PC VMS system"?

What is a "FOLDER_LOCK directory"?

What does "VMS" mean to you?
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This is DEC VMS desktop. FOLDER_LOCK is a data type of the folder I need to open. It was FOLDER before.

Thank you
Steven Schweda
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> This is DEC VMS desktop. [...]

Ok, if you say so, but that doesn't help
much. Some description of the actual
hardware and software which you are using
might provide a little more traction.

> [...] a data type of the folder [...]

Adding yet another mystifying term to the
insufficient description is not helping me.
Hein van den Heuvel
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[ This is going to be painfull.
Major communication challenge!

Are you a system person, or an applications person? What do you know about computers? Is there someone in your organization you can ask for help?

>>> I've got PC VMS system.

This does not compute for most folks here.
PC's typically are understood to be computers which run Windoze applications.

I'm guessing you have a standalone VMS application on VAX o Alpha box. But maybe you have windoze system running an OpenVMS emulator?
What does the box you use indicate as name/type?

>> FOLDER_LOCK is a data type of the folder I need to open. It was FOLDER before.

Hmmm, FOLDER_LOCK was a 'directory' first.
Now it is a datatype. Please explain.

In the language spoken in this forum, there is no 'folder', but there are directories which are sometimes referred to as folders by windoze influenced end user.

When I open a directory, then I expect a list of file names. What do you expect when you 'open' a folder?

When it was FOLDER, how did you open it?
What tool/program/menu option?
What would you do once 'opened'.

How do you know it is FOLDER_LOCK now?
What software/commands tell you that?

What changed?

My guess is that there either is a directory with a problem, and it is renamed 'lock' it to avoid further damage, or there is for example an FTP drop box which is renamed until all files are pulled or pushed

Hope this helps a little bit to find a common ground to describe, and eventually help address, the problem.

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Yes, you are right, it is a mystery.
Well, the system is OpenVMS V7.1-2 and thatâ s all I know about it. File Manager Help sais exactly this: â This is a folder to which you lack read permission. You cannot add or remove files. Its data type is named FOLDER_LOCKâ . The same thing happens if I login as a system.
Thank you
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Ok, there was the VAXPC, there was the pvax hardware, there was PC-VMS package from a third-party vendor, there was Desktop VMS, and there are any number of emulators, translators and run-time environments that could be in play here.

That written, V7.1-2 is a an OpenVMS Alpha release.

And there is a DECwindows component that is known as File Manager. (Few folks use that stuff, which could easily be contributing to the confusion.)

It's also very easy to customize this DECwindows stuff (and extensively!), which could then lead to stuff like "FOLDER" and "FOLDER_LOCK". And without a look at the local customizations, we have no idea what's going on here.

If you log in as the SYSTEM user using a DECterm (if this is even an OpenVMS Alpha box running DECwindows, and I'm not entirely sure that's the case here), then you should have full access to the box. Regardless.

Get out of whatever this File View system is, and out of whatever GUI you're using here.

Or get somebody in to look at the box.

And given this environment and given the lack of system knowledge here (sorry!), I'd definitely call in somebody for a look at the box and to investigate whatever's happening here, as I'd be willing to bet that an Alpha? box running something as ancient as OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2 has various (other) issues. Backups, errors, configuration problems, anything...
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Well, thank you for advice...
Stanley F Quayle
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Do the following command:


That will tell all of us what system you're really running.

In VMS, directories are themselves file ("FOLDER.DIR"). It's quite possible for their names to be changed, which changes the directories you see ("FOLDER_LOCK.DIR").

This doesn't sound like a VMS message, which would start with a %, like:

%RMS-E-PRV, insufficient privilege or file protection violation

If you're using an application, it could anything it wants when it detects an error. Without knowing the application, we don't have a basis for an answer.