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Font Selection for Eve

Occasional Advisor

Font Selection for Eve

I would like to use bigger fonts for my EVE-Editor.

As I know I can change a value


in my

  tpu$defaults - file


I changed the value

  Tpu*fontSetSelection: 2


I have no result which satisfies me. The font size is too small.


Any hints for me? Thanks very much!




Honored Contributor

Re: Font Selection for Eve

Classic DEC stuff doesn't do font-size adjustment all that well.


What is your particular display?  A DECwindows display?  A DECwindows DECterm session?  A real VT terminal?  A remote telnet or ssh session and some particular terminal emulator? 


The character-cell stuff doesn't do font sizes; you'd need to change that with a soft-loaded font (a few VTs have that) or in the settings for the terminal emulator itself.


With DECwindows, the easiest approach is to select the larger size via the set-up, or by switching display DPIs. And with DECwindows and depending on exactly which graphics controller you have, you can also adjust the video settings to a different resolution.