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Ftp problem

Joel chang
Occasional Visitor

Ftp problem

I try to ftp file from VMS to Windows 2000. It pop out this error message. Please help !! Thanks
%TCPIP-E-FTP_DATACONF, cannot establish data connection with remote host. SYSTEM-F-CONNECFAIL, connect to network object timed-out or failed 425 Can't open data connection. 221 %DCL-W-SKPDAT, image data (records not beginning with "$") ignored
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: Ftp problem


welcome to the ITRC OpenVMS forum.

You didn't tell us, which version of OpenVMS and TCPIP you are using. There was a problem, which resulted in an error messages like this fixed in OpenVMS VAX TCPIP V5.1 ECO 4.

It's also possible, that there is some firewall issue between your FTP client and the Windows 2000 system.

Which FTP command is actually failing ?
Can you try passive mode ? FTP> passive ON

Willem Grooters
Honored Contributor

Re: Ftp problem

A number of remarks:

First, AFAIK, there is no FTP server running - by default - on Windows 2000, when IIS is not installed. If so, it needs to be enabled first.

Second: Just for a check: If FTP server is enabled on your VMS box, try to start FTP from the Windows side and retrieve the file from VMS to that machine.

Third: At what point does the error occur?
Try to stepwise FTP on the VMS machine, or, since you seem to use a DCL command file, put $ SET VERIFY on top and save the output (and post it here)

$ FTP ! No name or address!
FTP> Open

If this fails, the problem may lay in the network (firewall, for instance) or in the non-existance of a FTP service on the Windows box.

If it doesn't fail, the Windows machine ought to reply with lolgin sequence (username + password), and you should be able to PUT files to that machine. If that fails, it may be a file protection problem on the Windows side. The user you use for login, should have write access tho the location (end, if the file already exists, tyhe ability to overwrite it!) I'm not sure what it will do in the case there is such a violation; it might be that Windows drops the connection without warning.

Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
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Re: Ftp problem

Hi Joel,
welcome to vms forum :-)

Last error (DCL-W_SKPDAT) suggests me you are using a DCL command procedure like
... ftp command list
$ ... other vms command
When FTP fails, command interpreter read next line that's a ftp command without dollar sign and displays the error message.

First error is indeed the trouble. May be your win2k ha not ftp service enabled. Open Panel control, administrator tool, service and look at ftp server service.

Antonio Vigliotti

Antonio Maria Vigliotti
Trusted Contributor

Re: Ftp problem

Assuming you have FTP enabled, it's much easier to push or pull files from the PC client to the alpha.

At the dos prompt you can simply enter
ftp alphaaddress.