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GNU ld for GNV

phani shankar
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GNU ld for GNV

I have installed GNV on to my openvms system.However when i try to configure while checking for ld its indicating it does not conform to GNU standard.can someone please tell me how can i obtain a GNU ld in my GNV platform ?
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Re: GNU ld for GNV

If you want the GNU Linker, go use a GNU-based platform.

GNV is GNU's not VMS. And VMS is not GNU, either.

GNV provides some command compatibility for bash applications -- it's a wrapper around the OpenVMS C compiler and its comparatively weak gcc emulation (gcc is unique) and a wrapper around the OpenVMS linker utility.

By "try to configure while checking for ld", you're probably trying to use a configure script, and those can require some adjustments. Configure and autoconf are about as platform-specific as you can get for a mostly-portable build tool, and you'll get used to making changes to those scripts when going from GNU to another Unix, and certainly from GNU to OpenVMS. (Configure reminds me of VMSINSTAL, with all the goodness and badness and weirdness that such engendered. But I digress.)

If you have a hard requirement for the GNU Linker, you'll have to go find (and port forward as needed) gcc and whatever it had with it for a linker (if anything).

Otherwise, it's time to start porting the tool to OpenVMS, and changes to the configure stuff (or a rewrite of same) is usually involved.

As you've omitted the background on the problem, on the bash command(s) or switches or sequences required or the platform involved, and on the tool(s) you're looking to port, so further suggestions here are difficult. Here are some tips on questions:


And welcome to ITRC.
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Re: GNU ld for GNV

A very similar (directly related?) discussion is also going on over in the OpenVMS Yahoo group, and there looks to be a requirement for a make tool of some sort here. Pointers over there to gmake and mmk and DECset CMS and other such were made.

One that wasn't posted over at Yahoo is that there's an autoconf tool over at eisner (the pkgconfig tool) that does fairly well in processing autoconf and configure pieces for use on OpenVMS: