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HP 2015 printing very slowly

Mary O'Sullivan
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HP 2015 printing very slowly

We have several HP 2015 printers deployed over our network and they are all printing VERY slowly (3 minutes to print one page with very little graphics from the web). We have also tried printing to the printers via USB with the same result. We have also added memory to the printers and this also has not resolved the problem. Other printer models are working flawlessly. Since the printers are relatively new - replacing them isn't a good option but it is one that will be on the table soon if a solution isn't found. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions to try?
Stephen Eickhoff_1
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Re: HP 2015 printing very slowly


Are these printers attached to an OpenVMS system? If so, the fact that they print slowly even when attached directly via USB indicates that OpenVMS is probably not a factor. I recommend moving this question to the HP printer forum.
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Re: HP 2015 printing very slowly

You're quite clearly more tolerant than many.

To confirm, this is the LaserJet P2015?

A circa US$350 printer with issues such as those reported -- that printer is rated at 27 pages per minute -- would be quickly sitting on the loading dock on the way back to the vendor, had vendor support not resolved the speed differential here.

Try printing from something other than what you're printing with. Different host, different operating system. Try printing a test-page for the printer. This to eliminate "the other end" of the printing connection as a potential trigger for glacial print speeds. If one or both are slow, work with the vendor and swap or toss the printer.

Do also confirm that your host software is current, and that you are using the correct driver for the printer. (Windows is particularly vulnerable to driver mix-ups.) If that host software is down-rev, do upgrade it.

Then call vendor support.

Hakan Zanderau ( Anders
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Re: HP 2015 printing very slowly

A couple of years ago I bought a HP Colorlaser 2550 and I thought it was sooooooo slow.......until I changed the driver from PS to PCL.

The 2015 is able to print both PCL and PS.
Try both drivers.....


Hakan Zanderau
Don't make it worse by guessing.........