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Re: HP ABS error on VMS

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HP ABS error on VMS


We recently did some work on one of our tape libraries, reducing the amount of tape drives from 2 to 1.

We are able to use the xrobot GUI to mount a tape from the library into the drive, and unmount again.

However, when running an ABS backup we get the following error...

10:48:14 COORD: Failed to select drive for volume set after 1 attempts
10:48:14 COORD: Continuing to retry every 60 seconds...

Has anyone ever see this error ? I've tried searching the forums and the net and have not been able to find any results.

Our ABS backups worked ok until we removed this drive. The system has been rebooted. Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

Deepa R Shenoy

Re: HP ABS error on VMS

If a drive list is specified in the ARCHIVE, then ABS tries to allocate one of the drives, specified in the list. If the drive list is empty,ABS selects drive based on the media type.

Is a drive-list mentioned in the ARCHIVE object corresponding to the SAVE?

What is the state (ALLOCATED?) of the DRIVE object in MDMS?

What is the MEDIA-TYPE mentioned in ARCHIVE and DRIVE objects? Are they same?

Re: HP ABS error on VMS

Thanks Deepa. You pointed me in the right direction. The attributes tab for the drives in MDMS had the wrong tape device showing, compared to the device name on VMS. I've changed this and I am now able to run ABS backups. Thank you for your help with this.