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HP ACMS V4.5 for OpenVMS Product Announcment


HP ACMS V4.5 for OpenVMS Product Announcment

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ACMS V4.5 Product Announcement!

HP ACMS V4.5 for OpenVMS - Now Available!
The customers who have trusted their business transactions to ACMS software for the last 20 years sleep well at night. Who is watching your TP environment? ACMS is for businesses requiring high performance, availability, security and data integrity in both centralized and distributed transaction processing environments.

HP Application Control and Management System for OpenVMS (ACMS) is a transaction processing (TP) monitor designed for the HP OpenVMS operating systems. ACMS works with HP commercial application software products to provide users with a complete and customizable development and run-time environment for transaction processing applications. ACMS is used today for order tracking, accounting and billing, banking, manufacturing control processes, and insurance claims processing. Now available on Q1 CY04 OpenVMS Software Product Libraries.

New Feature
ACMS V4.5 allows you to manage your ACMS agents remotely. System managers can remotely manage agents, including user-written agents, HP-supplied agents (such as, TP Web Connector and TP Desktop Connector) and agents supplied by other vendors.

Web-enabling TP systems
HP TP Web Connector is software that web enables business applications running on ACMS transaction processing (TP) systems. As of April 26, 2004 the TP Web Connector software product is part of ACMS and can no longer be ordered separately. Technical support will be provided with a customer's ACMS software support contract. ACMS customers can download the TP Web Connector from the following website: http://h71000.www7.hp.com/commercial/tpwebconnector/.

Extend ACMS into new solutions
HP is committing substantial resources to ensure that your investment in ACMS continues to work for you by providing interoperability and integration with industry-standard technologies, including Web Services, Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE), Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Microsoft .NET.

Web Services and .NET
HP provides a SOAP Toolkit, based on Apache Axis, that when used in conjunction with HP BridgeWorks can expose an ACMS application as a Web service, which also enables interoperability with Microsoft .NET. When an ACMS application is exposed as a Web service, other applications can reuse the valuable business logic embedded in your ACMS application. Now clients on UNIX, Linux and Windows can access your ACMS application in a seamless, Internet-friendly manner.

JAVA Environments
Using HP BridgeWorks, an ACMS application can be exposed as a JavaBean for use with Tomcat, the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages engine from Apache, or as an Enterprise JavaBean for use with BEA WebLogic Server, the industry-leading J2EE application server. Contact Catherine Ward
(catherine.ward@hp.com) or Tariq Nazeer (tariq.nazeer@hp.com) for additional information on the BEA WebLogic Server program.

ACMS web site: http://h71000.www7.hp.com/commercial/acms/index.htm
ACMS Software Product Description: 25.50.XX

HP and BEA Systems provide a new technology opportunity http://h71000.www7.hp.com/commercial/acms/acms_wls.html

ACMS Business Manager: Rick McLaughlin - 603.884.0992 - Rick.McLaughlin