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HP Array Configuration Utility V6.40-11P08, updates?

Richard Jordan
Regular Advisor

HP Array Configuration Utility V6.40-11P08, updates?

I posted a query in June about ACU-XE on OpenVMS Alpha breaking when anything significant on the system disk changes (drive name, allocation class, etc). We still cannot get the thing running again after having to do both of those things (or either of them in earlier testing), and doing a complete wipe/rebuild of VMS from scratch is not an option due to the amount of work already completed.

Deinstalling ACU-XE, Management agents, and TCPIP, then reinstalling and reconfiguring is NOT enough to get the configurator working again. Management agents work but the ACU fails with an access violation when you try to start it.

Another ITRC user posted that they were able to get replacement images LIBCPQIMGR.EXE
and LLPI.EXE with a new CPQ$ACUXE.COM from VMS support, which fixed the problem. We don't have that option because these systems aren't under support yet, and due to the customer's corporate policy they can't go on contract until they pass initial testing and validation. They won't pass validation if the ACU won't run, and we're square in the middle. I don't have a way to build VMS on a spare disk due to the system's location and access restrictions.

The ACU-XE version available for download has not been updated, so this fix apparently remains available only via a support call.

Is there any way to find out when a public update will be made available? Or is there any way to get access to the corrective files given a service contract for a different Alpha (ours) or VAX (the customer's) system? The call screener I talked to was not able to answer that and I got nowhere trying.

Any info appreciated.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Array Configuration Utility V6.40-11P08, updates?

Isn't that a clear case for warranty? This thing is obviously broken from the very beginning!
Richard Jordan
Regular Advisor

Re: HP Array Configuration Utility V6.40-11P08, updates?

The equipment is used, though apparently physically fine. The problem is the software; although the used equipment came with purchased licenses (and ACU_XE is supported under the VMS license if you have a support contract), that doesn't get me in the door on telephone support.