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HP's VMS TestDrive cluster

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Richard J Maher
Trusted Contributor

HP's VMS TestDrive cluster


Does anyone here know who one would have to approach to get something installed on the TestDrive Cluster?

I'd very much like to exhibit the following example code: -

If you'd like to see an example of a browser-based Flex/HTML/Javascript GUI
client talking to a VMS 3GL server, please click on: -


and have a gander.

Username: TIER3_DEMO
Password: QUEUE

You *must* be running: -

. The *latest* version of Adobe's Flash Player (Adobe and FlexBuilder
generate the code for version checking and auto-download but I left it out
of the example for brevity)
. JVM 1.4-2 or later (Java 6 has been out for over a year; what's wrong with
ya :-)
. If you are behind a firewall that disables outgoing connections then you
must open up to destination port 5255.
. You must have Javascript and Applets enabled for your browser
. Apart from that I've tested it with IE6/7 and Firefox and others have it
working on Safari and Opera

Now, sadly, I was unable to obtain any sort of Rdb Hobbyists license for the
Deathrow Cluster so I've had to provide a fudge in that the data is
hard-coded in DEMO_UARS.COB :-( But if you want to see what the Rdb code on
our machines looks like then peruse: -


For all of the source code: -

Server: -

demo_flex.cob (Cobol server code)
build_flex_demo.com (Creates the UAR shareable)
demo_flex_sql.sqlmod (SQL you guessed it)

Client: -

demo_client_flex.html }
employee_lookup.html } All the Application-specific html
avoidpatent.js }

bridgetest.mxml } The Flex driving logic (I can't believe it's that small!)

Those who are familiar with demo_client_web.html are already familiar with
the example Java classes and CornuCopiae.html. NB: *NO* new Java was created
for the new application! Code reuse and modularity set to maximum!

Cheers Richard Maher

ps. If you'd like to see this on HP's TestDrive Cluster *with* Rdb then tell
me (or better still tell your HP rep!) Maybe it's just me, but surely you'd
be forgiven for wondering why Oracle/Rdb or HP/VMS would not seize on this
opportunity to promote and support their wares?

pps. If you haven't worked it out yet :-) hover over the pie charts and
click for data drill-down.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: HP's VMS TestDrive cluster

> Does anyone here know who one would have to
> approach to get something installed on the
> TestDrive Cluster?

The "Contact us" link at:




It's worked for me in the past. Only one way
to find out...
Jean-François Piéronne
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP's VMS TestDrive cluster

Very nice demo, may be a logout button would be a small enhancement.

Art Wiens
Respected Contributor

Re: HP's VMS TestDrive cluster

I see a brief flash of a window opening and then a small "Windows Internet Explorer" window, which says (RED X Internet Explorer cannot download. Unspecified error OK)

IE 7 / Windows XP Pro SP2 / Flash9e.ocx / Java 6 Update 5

Richard J Maher
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP's VMS TestDrive cluster


Thanks, Iâ ll give it a go and see what happens. (BTW, what do you have running there? Zip stuff? Freeware? Other?)


Thanks for the feedback! Yes, a â logout buttonâ is probably a good idea, especially in this day of multiple tabs. (Normally, in these examples, youâ re logged out automatically when you change pages or close the browser.)

What I do have on the agenda is a server managed â idle-connection-timeoutâ . Itâ s right up there between an IA64 version and IPv6 support but, given that this is easily implemented via a client-side JavaScript interval, Iâ ve had to put it down the list a bit. Just below coding JAX-WS on Linux to feed the kids :-(

But, for the benefit of others, let me point out again that there is *no* Tier3 specific code on the client! The Java classes, and HTML/JavaScript provided in T3$EXAMPLES are just that â examplesâ . If you like to change the behaviour, the colors, or use stand-alone .NET or Java applications rather tha something hosted in a browser then go crazy!

Out of personal interest, Iâ d dearly love to explore the JSObject.call(javascriptFunstion) stuff in a separate thread(s) as the AJAXesque â callbackâ certainly has some appeal over monopolizing the event thread or my dclAST(javascriptFunction) technique. Totally apart from Tier3, this is also of interest to me for â broadcastingâ messages to the client(s) in connectionless UDP scenarios. But in a thriving, engaged, development community, Iâ d expect much of this sort of stuff to come gushing forth.

Thanks again.


Not sure what the problem(s) is. Are you sure you have Java Applets enabled? Did you get the Username/password dialog boxes , or did it die before there? Any other diagnostic error information of just â Unspecifiedâ ? Can you turn the Java console on and see if thereâ s anything there?

Cheers All,
Richard Maher
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: HP's VMS TestDrive cluster

> (BTW, what do you have running there? Zip
> stuff? Freeware? Other?)

Until I got a free-to-good-home zx2000
workstation, I was checking Info-ZIP and
other freeware things on the VMS IA64
TestDrive systems. Also Info-ZIP on the
HP-UX systems.

Between the rx2000 and a fairly recently
acquired c3700 (PA-RISC) workstation, I
don't use the TestDrive systems much these
days, except to check small things when I
don't have a particular system type running

Unlike on VMS, HP does not give away HP-UX
compiler licenses to the deserving poor, so I
do still use the HP-UX systems when I need to
see what the non-bundled HP C compiler does.