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How to configure and setup DE500-BA for exiting TCP/IP LAN

Mirza Rizwan Ahmed
Occasional Advisor

How to configure and setup DE500-BA for exiting TCP/IP LAN

In am using AlphaServer 2000 in OpenVMS 6.2 Local Area Network, DEFPA-DB (PCi to FDDI) Lan Adapter is being used.
I wanted to replace it with DE500-BA UTP adapter.
I have gone through basic understanding of LAN Devices & Node information, Permanent Database & Volatile database idea and their information viewing.
But I wanted to know the step by step guide line that How to Swap DEFPA-DB adapter with DE500-BA in existing LAN setup by keeping same IP address.

Rizwan Ahmed
Duncan Morris
Honored Contributor

Re: How to configure and setup DE500-BA for exiting TCP/IP LAN

It would help if you can give us details of the software versions involved here.

Is this plain OpenVMS 6.2 or is it a later 6.2-? version. How current are your patches?
If I remember correctly, DE500 support came in after the initial V6.2 release.

What networking software are you using? Can you show us


or similar for your own environment?

Mirza Rizwan Ahmed
Occasional Advisor

Re: How to configure and setup DE500-BA for exiting TCP/IP LAN

We are using Open VMS6.21H3

Honored Contributor

Re: How to configure and setup DE500-BA for exiting TCP/IP LAN

The abbreviated step-by-step approach:

call in somebody familiar with the task.

The more involved step-by-step approach:

Review the organization of the TCP/IP Sevices documentation, and a look at the available information present in the installation and configuration manual. Review your current configuration, and copy down the IP address, DNS server address(es), the subnet mask, and the gateway.

Shut down, and (if you don't trust your most current copies) perform a full disk BACKUP /IMAGE of the system disk.

Follow static-sensitive procedures, and identify and swap the boards within the AlphaServer 2000 series box. (If unfamiliar with static-sensitive procedures or with safely working within an AlphaServer, don't open the box. Get help...)

Do then patch this OpenVMS Alpha V6.2-1H3 system -- V6.2-1H3 released circa 1996; there have been and are patches -- to the most current patches. The minimal DE500-related patches are listed in the FAQ. You'll need at least those ECOs loaded, and preferably current.


Suggest use of the text or PDF versions of the FAQ here. The HTML-format FAQ is pretty but is harder to download and is harder to do simple tasks, such as a search for the string DE500.

And as for the TCP/IP Services configuration for the removal of the DEFPA and the DE500 configuration, the step-by-step instructions are available in the TCP/IP Services documentation shelf available at


And specifically:


For this task, you will need to reconfigure the interfaces, which are part of the core environment configuration. Follow the prompts, and enter the appropriate address, subnet mask and related. Ensure the new controller is present, and the old controller is gone.

If DECnet is in use, you may (will) have to reconfigure that. See Phase IV NETCONFIG or DECnet-Plus NET$CONFIGURE, and the DECnet documentation.

Perform baseline testing with ping, telnet and related. Ensure the hardware is working.

If something critical should fail here (unlikely, but an AlphaServer 2000 and OpenVMS Alpha V6.2-1H3 are both comparatively old gear), the BACKUP /IMAGE you made up front is your path back to a functional system.