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I like PersonalAlpha, Are there any "PersonalItanium"?

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I like PersonalAlpha, Are there any "PersonalItanium"?

about PersonalAlpha, this thread is a good guide


I like it, but I also want a "PersonalItanium", because there are more and more Itanium machine.

who has any suggestion?

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Re: I like PersonalAlpha, Are there any "PersonalItanium"?

AFAIK, no option to emulate a full Itanium system on another platform presently exists. There are some related pieces around, such as an Itanium instruction set emulator known as Ski that was around eons ago (and still over at Sourceforge), or the IATO stuff.

You could write one, of course, adding support for I/O devices and the system chipset to Ski, for instance.

Going from what I'm aware of with the available Ski ISA pieces to a full system emulation is no small project. (And I'd not expect the results to be particularly speedy, regardless.)

Or you can pick up one of the used Itanium boxes that show up periodically for somewhere between US$100 to US$1000.
Volker Halle
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Re: I like PersonalAlpha, Are there any "PersonalItanium"?


PersonalAlpha is the 'proof-of-concept' model of the CHARON-AXP commercial Alpha emulator product.

Unless Itanium systems are getting 'old' and spare parts are getting rare and PCs are providing much more performance than today, I would not expect a commercial Itanium emulator to show up.

Some day, there may be Freeware/Shareware emulators showing up like the ES40 emulator (es40.org), but for real Itanium emulator products, I'm currently not seeing a possible market.