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karthikeyan mahalingam
Occasional Advisor


Hi Friends

I compiled a C program and got the below error.

%ILINK-W-MULTFR, multiply defined transfer address
Module Name:
File Name:

I only re-used a function defined in another C file in my C file.
Other than re-using the function, i did nothing. I did not re-define them.

I used the vms system help to under the message. But i could not solve it. Can someone please help.
Bojan Nemec
Honored Contributor



You have more than one program start point in the exe file.
Perhaps you have the main function defined in more than one C source.

Any object libraries linked with the program?
The other posibility is that you have a module with a program start point in one of the libraries.

karthikeyan mahalingam
Occasional Advisor


Yes Bojan
You are right, i noticed the same.
For the those function defined in a C file, without a main, i could re-use them, but not the ones defined with a main program.
I shall move the function to a C file, with no main and shall include it in a Header file and shall include the header in the C files.
I guess, this should solve the problem.

Thanks Bojan
Honored Contributor


Maybe I should have changed the linker warning to %ILINK-W-DEPRESSED.