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In case this interests someone in the VMS land

Ph Vouters
Valued Contributor

In case this interests someone in the VMS land

Dear OpenVMS user,


In case this interests you, here is a today's paper about the OpenVMS Linker's ability to create universal symbols aliases and one voluntarily use of it with lowercased/uppercased symbols.


You'll find all explanations while reading http://vouters.dyndns.org/tima/OpenVMS-Linker-Using_universal_symbols_aliases.html


In the hope this today's work will find a productive echo among you.



Honored Contributor

Re: In case this interests someone in the VMS land

It's in the book. This feature is explicitly documented in the 8.3 linker manual: http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/83final/4548/4548pro_012.html, see 4.2.5, especially the paragraph starting with "The alias mechanism can also be used to map case sensitive symbols to case insensitive ones."


Obviously this is in the I64 section of the book. The I64 linker team found it useful to have this documented, so it was added. However, there was no plan/funding to update the Alpha portion of the book.  (The OP didn't say which architecture was used. The pointed to reference in the OP talks about Alpha and I64 but references itself only the Alpha portion of the linker manual.)