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Install CentOs on an HP i2000 - EFI / Windows 2003

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Install CentOs on an HP i2000 - EFI / Windows 2003


I have here on my office an HP i2000 Workstation with Windows 2003 evaluation copy. I want to remove this and install CentOS 64-bits edition.

The boot process is not that straightforward. I have bootable CDs, but there is no way to boot from them. It seems to me that EFI doesn't read CDs, so I can't boot from any.

During my exploration, I have found many directory on the EFI partition. All are related to Windows (WINNT) boot up.

Do you know where to start to install CentOs? I don't need to keep Windows 2003.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Re: Install CentOs on an HP i2000 - EFI / Windows 2003

Have you read
There is more reading matter at
It should detect the cd, however IDE may not be enabled, this can be set somewhere in EFI (advanced?)
You should also look at the EFI boot configuration options, there are also EFI menu options to search/explore for boot entries, and to boot from removable media.
I know that a debian "mini" iso works, but I don't know about centos.
You should have probably asked this in the linux forum.