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Re: Installation CD's for COBOL and LSE

Ronald Russik
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Installation CD's for COBOL and LSE

Good day to all,

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the following products for OpenVMS V7.3-2;

Digital COBOL V2.5-961
LSE V4.5-3

We are licensed for these products but I'm unable to find the original copies. We are working on installing a new Development/Test system and would like to perform clean installs of the above products.

Thank You,

Ronald J. Russik
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Andy Bustamante
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Re: Installation CD's for COBOL and LSE

If you're licensed and under support, the quarterly Software Product Library will have installation media, and recently a link with your password for downloading current versions.

Your license units may or may not apply for a new system. Are these new licenses for a new system? Worst case, you can order media from HP or a reseller. See my profile for an email and I can recommend someone.

Have a Jack Stack for me,

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Ronald Russik
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Re: Installation CD's for COBOL and LSE

Thank you