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Integrity BL860c I2 monitoring P410i

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Integrity BL860c I2 monitoring P410i



I'm building the above box with an embedded P410i talking to a D2200sb storage blade. Array controller is in RAID mode.


All is working nicely, System Management Homepage, WBEM, SNMP etc. However, when I simulate a drive failure in the D2200sb by pulling a drive the controller will correctly start rebuilding on the hot spare, MSA$UTIL shows the rebuild and that a drive's been pulled..... but nothing tells the management utilities and VMS doesn't log any errors. When the rebuild completes I replace the pulled drive and the controller rebuilds onto that, returning the hot spare.


Anyone know what actually logs these errors?





Peter Zeiszler
Trusted Contributor

Re: Integrity BL860c I2 monitoring P410i

Do you have WEBES or SMH installed?


Check both of these and see if it is there or in the errlog file.