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Iscsi support for OpenVMS

Jason Irons_1

Iscsi support for OpenVMS

Is there any word on HP providing iscsi initiator support for OpenVMS 8.4. Note that they haven't released anything since the 8.3 1h1 demostration kit back in 2007. Would be useful for our test lab. Cheers Jason Irons
Jeremy Begg
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Re: Iscsi support for OpenVMS

Hi Jason,


I've raised this in the past at the TUD events.  The response was that iSCSI was just too slow to be useful.  You and I both know that in the context of a busy production environment that may be true, but for smaller systems and dev/test systems performance is often a secondary consideration.


Adding iSCSI support is unlikely to increase the sales of either VMS or iSCSI-capable HP storage systems.  Even if it does, the dollar value of those sales is unlikely to exceed the cost to implement that support in OpenVMS.  So it won't happen.


(It's the sort of thing I'd be tempted to implement myself, but I've neither the time nor sufficient internals knowledge.)



Jeremy Begg