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Re: Issues with this forum (cont.)

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Issues with this forum (cont.)

>And how are we supposed to know what the "proper forum" is?

Look for the Feedback & Suggestions link on each category?

(Or did you want it to include the word "complaints" too?  ;-)

>The designers seem to have forgotten that simplicity is important.

There has been lots of feedback on that too when the ITRC forum was migrated to the EBC forum.

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Issues with this forum (cont.)

Who'd have thought it possible to make this forum platform worse? yet HP have succeeded spectacularly. Whereas it used to be just cumbersome to navigate and interact, it's now all but impossible!


Ignore the requests to provide fundamental functionality like "PASTE" in a reasonably sane manner, instead just move everything, hiding the most useful things (like a list of recent posts within a category) and replace them with some kind of global version and a bunch of useless "follow us" links.


As predicted, post volumes have all but dried up.



A crucible of informative mistakes
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Issues with this forum (cont.)

[ duplicate of reply to  http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Community-Feedback-Suggestions/New-Format/m-p/5381347 for my OpenVMS friends. ]

Let me be a second to give a thumbs down to the new format.

Just when you think they could not possibly make it any worse... they do.


Haloween prank gone awry? What a nightmare.

Stop playing with the crayons already and do some real work to make this mess better.

The old crap...

- Can't login using Chrome... Bad Gateway.

- Have to re-login all the time ... Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter all have a button to keep me logged in, are they all stupid  failuers and is HP so much smarter or is HP perhaps just a bunch of super arrogant NIH fans?

- IE (6.0) screen keeps jumping while typing

New crap...

- Terrible performance.

- ZERO, aboslutely ZERO actual content on the first click. Check the attache Jpeg please.

- More crappy smiley faces in blocks of glamor to present totally redundant information

- I selected : http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/OpenVMS/ct-p/itrc-288

... Now I get 120 pixels of black, 170 artwork,  50 pixels of actual useful data, 100 more pixels of redundant white header, 100 pixels of  artificial categories i happen not to care about (but that's me),  And then 500 pixels for a 4 - way menu that leads nowhere useful. Score : 50 out 1000. How high is your screen  ( I use 2x1600x1200)

- In the first 500 pixels the word COMMUNITY is repeated on 3 lines, and my choice of  'OpenVMS' is also there on 3 lines.  And nothing else.  Once would seem enough.

- I picked OpenVMS... ALL OF IT, but I now I have to drill down in each sub-Category or whatever you call those?

- Latests topics show (just 2?!) OpenVMS topics. Ok. But  when I click on 'see all' under that, I get to see topics from all over the place! Printers, PCs, OMS,....  WTF !?!?!


Dissapointing, very dissappointing.

Sadly not unexpected though. HP has a knack for picking form over function.

Anything to please management!





John McL
Trusted Contributor

Re: Issues with this forum (cont.)

Yup.  I didn't think that this system could be made any worse, but someone has certainly managed it.


Another triumph of gloss over substance.


I wonder if a privately run VMS forum wouldn't be a better option.  if their web pages loaded faster I'd think about talking to the guys at OpenVMS.org about running such a system. 

Honored Contributor

Re: Issues with this forum (cont.)

For what it is worth, if you have a bookmark for "All Posts", aka recent posts, it should still work. In other words, the page and the information is available, at least until the next "improvement". But in the new format I couldn't find a way to navigate to it. If you don't have a bookmark, try http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/forums/recentpostspage/category-id/itrc-288/post-type/message/page/1


Obviously, itrc-288 is the VMS forum. A modified link works for other forums as well.


Honored Contributor

Re: Issues with this forum (cont.)

The RSS feeds do work; you can access new postings that way.


I'll refrain from further and specific comment on this morass, beyond requesting an upgrade to the older ITRC forums, to a box of crayons, or to Stack Exchange or other functional forum software.

Mike Kier
Valued Contributor

Re: Issues with this forum (cont.)

I'm in absolute agreement.


I saw two topics with no indication of recent postings.  Clicked on one - no new activity.  Clicked on the other and discovered there was a new posting.  I do not have the time to drill down blindly.


I'll log in periodically to check to see when this forum returns to something that can be used, but I won't go beyond my initial landing page until then - I'll simply log back out.


This forum has gone from being an asset to my work to a drag on my time.

Practice Random Acts of VMS Marketing
Trusted Contributor

Re: Issues with this forum (cont.)

@John McL wrote:

I wonder if a privately run VMS forum wouldn't be a better option.

It would.

Try telnet://eisner.decuserve.org

Or if you prefer to use a web browser: http://eisner.decuserve.org

The software remembers which notes you have already read, so you can quickly read what's new and then bet back to your business.

Define NOTES$SECTION ONEKEY in your LOGIN.COM file, type NOTES at the DCL prompt, and then keep pressing keypad ENTER until there are no more notes that you have not seen.


Trusted Contributor

Re: Issues with this forum (cont.)

Couldn't find the "Mark as read" clicker with the new version. Where is it?




Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Issues with this forum (cont.)

>Couldn't find the "Mark as read" clicker with the new version.


For a Post, you already read it.

For a Topic, it is on the top Left under Topic Options.

For a Board, it is on the top Left under Board Options.

For a Category, under User Settings is: Mark all posts as new

Caution, not sure if that's ALL or all in category?