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John Gillings' VMS Tech Journal V7 Faking Shareables Problem

Richard J Maher
Trusted Contributor

John Gillings' VMS Tech Journal V7 Faking Shareables Problem


Not sure if it's the particular version of my browser, but the HTML that I'm seeing loses the angle brackets <> [The pointy version of these () if you can't see 'em :-]

It makes it a bit difficult for the MACRO Register save masks #^m.

I don't know how to get Acrobat to scroll over pages when I'm cutting and the "export to text" drops the formatting and has page headers/footers :-( so if you're out there John, can you please advise me and future people what to do to get a clean copy? Maher_RJ (at) hotmail would be just peachy.

Cheers Richard Maher

PS. Before I waste a lot of time trying to get it to work, do you know of any problem with faking sys$library:secureshrp.exe?

MOVPSL still works on Alpha doesn't it? BISL2 #PSL$V_CURMOD and if the result is 8 then I get to show a "real" gaping security hole to a bunch of flailing neurotics who are preventing an essential piece of functionality being added to Product X on the pretence that a certain deployment of $persona_query will unlease all sorts of wardrobe monsters unto the world.

PPS, If the result is zero then I'm just gonna ignore it as I'm not gonna compound the original coders stupidity by crashing the box. (Also I'll probable use $sndopr to the SECURITY guy, and I don't think that works in Kernel mode. lib$put_output also uses RMS so that won't return if it's an exec mode AST either will it?) Oh well, much to do!

PPS. Anyone see the English TV ad (for John Smith's beer I think?)Two couples in an Indian restaurant and one bloke answers his mobile to find one of his frightened children on the line, obviously unable to sleep and distressed that the parents aren't at home. Anyway, to the absolute disbelief of all present, the father is heard to say:- "No sweatheart, there's no such thing as wardrobe monsters; It's the burgulars coming in thru the window that you gotta worry about!" With that he puts the phone down and casually orders another Lamb Buna (or Vindy?). Oh well, I liked it.
Richard J Maher
Trusted Contributor

Re: John Gillings' VMS Tech Journal V7 Faking Shareables Problem

Duplicate post. Sorry.