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KVM over IP connected to Alphas ?

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Thomas Ritter
Respected Contributor

KVM over IP connected to Alphas ?

Our computer centers are being locked down, so that close access to the alphas needs good reason. Is anyone using the new types of KVM over IP and has them connected to an Alpha ?
We have some DS10 and DS15 which would be good candidates for remote access.
Jon Pinkley
Honored Contributor

Re: KVM over IP connected to Alphas ?


This isn't answering the question you asked, but in your situation, I would not be considering a KVM solution.

I would just use the serial console. Very few things a graphics environment

Then your problem is reduced to ip to serial conversion. If you are going to be using remote access, then I would recommend something that provides security. So either a console server that has SSH or a VPN connection to a terminal server on a secure LAN within the computer room. We use option #2, and use a cisco2511 that was no longer in use for routing. But about any terminal server that allows "reverse telnet" would work.

it depends
Thomas Ritter
Respected Contributor

Re: KVM over IP connected to Alphas ?

Thanks Jon,
One of the DS10 is our console manger for the production VMS hosts. These hosts all have reverse lat console connections which are managed by the console manager. We also have SSH access to the DS10. Some of the DS15s are standalone boxes. On the odd occasion should one fail, almost never happens, maybe useful to be able get >>> access over the secured LAN.

Respected Contributor

Re: KVM over IP connected to Alphas ?

We use two different kvm's over IP (two separate data centers) and while they are workable, I've been frustrated with them that I've convinced my management to let me purchase Digi console servers to replace them.

The two brands we use are Raritan and Avocent. Some of the problems I've had are "freezing up" of the consoles (requiring reboot of the kvm), vt-100 emulation not working 100% correctly, Smart Array (raid) configuration menu all garbled up/unusable. Also HP Service gives me a hard time whenever I have an issue and they find out I'm using kvm.
Robert Atkinson
Respected Contributor

Re: KVM over IP connected to Alphas ?

Tom, I'd go for IAM:Consoles from Itheon in your situation. Properly managed IP console access at a very reasonable cost.