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KZPBA–CA PCI-to-UltraSCSI Host Adapter

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KZPBA–CA PCI-to-UltraSCSI Host Adapter

I'm having such good luck here, I have to ask...


Ayone know where to download  the following software    ISP1020/1040 EEROM Configuration Utility (version 2.1 or whatever is available)



for the  KZPBA–CA PCI-to-UltraSCSI Host Adapter on Alphaserver 2100/2100A with OpenVMS????

Steven Schweda
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Re: KZPBA–CA PCI-to-UltraSCSI Host Adapter

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Re: KZPBA–CA PCI-to-UltraSCSI Host Adapter

That particularQLogic board is supported by OpenVMS Alpha V6.2-1H3, and by V7.1 and later on that AlphaServer 2100 system. 


There should be no need for any firmware tool for that SCSI controller, which implies there's something else going on here, or something very unusual with this board or — if there are errors being reported here — a problem with the SCSI bus configuration, with a SCSI bus device, a SCSI bus unit collision, or under- or over-termination of the SCSI bus.  Alternatively, there might be an issue with the SRM console configuration for the board, or possibly with the SCSI bus configuration given that board supports multi-host SCSI connections in a cluster.


Empirically, the usual reason for firmware-related questions with controllers is that the board isn't really a supported controller board, but some other variant.  Success with such "conversion" attempts will vary.  Widely.


As for your questions here and FWIW, I'd suggest and ask that you remember to post some general details such as the OpenVMS version information (your other posting indicates "VMS 7.1 and higher" but not a specific version, and the SCSI support as ancient as V7.1 was flaky at best and could end up needing a patch kit or two, and V7.1 itself ended up needing various updates culminating in V7.1-2), and also posting some background on why you're asking the particular question.  Asking a specific question without the version and without the background can get you a specific answer, which may not be the correct answer for the problem you're facing, or may end up omitting an alternative solution.