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Kerberos and W2K3 server

Roger Johnson_2
Occasional Visitor

Kerberos and W2K3 server

Has anyone gotten VMS to externally authenticate to a W2K3 server in native(kerberos) mode? I'm loosing my NT4 domain, and would like to keep a single sign on for the users.
Brad McCusker
Respected Contributor

Re: Kerberos and W2K3 server

There is no Kerberos ACME agent that I know of, yet. There are two ACME agents available today: VMS (standard OpenVMS policy) and MSV1_0 (Microsoft LAN
Manager authentication).

There is supposed to be an LDAP evaluation agent available within the ACME External Authentication Software Developer's Kit that is part of OpenVMS V7.3-2.

Brad McCusker
Software Concepts International