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LAN Card Replace in Cluster mode

Respected Contributor

LAN Card Replace in Cluster mode

Dear Friends,

We have replaced in a LAN card AB545-60001 (PCI-X 4-PORT 1000BASETX LAN CARD) in our existing environment.

I would like to inform you, I am not familiar with HP OpenVMS but I have work in HP-UX platform. I will share with you my current systems info:-

H/W: rx3600
OS: HP OpenVMS v8.3 with Cluster
Storage: MSA30 (connect with SCSI)

Could you please assist to me how I can solve this issue?

Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: LAN Card Replace in Cluster mode

Perhaps you should tell us something about the issue you have... :-)

regards Kalle
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Re: LAN Card Replace in Cluster mode

Hi Karl,

Thanks for your reply.

"H/W alarms in CISCO ITP 7301" second node (Cluster).

If you need other info, pls acknowledge me.

Rgdsâ Yaqub
Volker Halle
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Re: LAN Card Replace in Cluster mode


knowing nothing about CISCO ITP 7301 and SS7, consider that the MAC address of the network card will have changed.

You can look at the characteristics and counters of the network cards on your OpenVMS system mit $ MC LANCP SHOW DEV/CHAR and /COUNT.

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Re: LAN Card Replace in Cluster mode

This does not appear to be an OpenVMS question on the face of it; the NIC was changed and the MAC address swap has apparently confounded or perturbed some Cisco network widget upstream.

Reasons for the NIC swap that occurred here are unclear, and could well be related to the NIC swap or some other problem within the network configuration or the LAN; somebody could be chasing network problems.

Assuming that OpenVMS itself and its networking is entirely happy, go ask your local network folks and/or Cisco for assistance with resolving this Cisco error.

But regardless, go check with your Cisco LAN folks or with your Cisco escalation resource(s). Let them know the NIC was swapped.

And if you want to pursue this case (and in any forum), you need to get the specific details from the Cisco switch. Specific error messages. Specific error codes. Specific configuration details. Specific simplex and duplex settings. And regardless, errors on the Cisco switch involved here needs to be investigated and addressed first in the Cisco context. Not in the OpenVMS context.

If these Cisco hardware errors are secondary to a bogus duplex setting, those knobs can be invoked in the LANCP utility. In most cases, the NIC LAN devices should be left set to auto-negotiate per HP recommendations.
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Re: LAN Card Replace in Cluster mode

Hi Volkar,

Attached you quarry output.

Hi Hoff,

When we execute "show dev/char and /count" that time EIJ0 lan device is not able to list. That why we suspect LAN card faulty.

If you have any alternative guide line, please assist to me.