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LPSOLVE version for VMS

Michael Menge
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LPSOLVE version for VMS

I want to test lpsolve on VMS V8.3 on IA64.
I have downloaded the sources
lp_solve_5.5.0.13_bfp_GLPK_source.tar.gz and
Something like makefiles are only for Windows, Unix or MacOS, but the source is standard C so it should work on OpenVMS too.
Does anybody have hints how to compile the package on OpenVMS? I only need the solver and the API to be able to call the library from FORTRAN sources.
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Re: LPSOLVE version for VMS

So you're asking for help porting the Sourceforge Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver lp_solve" C library over to OpenVMS?


If there's no DCL (.COM) file and no OpenVMS MMS or make file, that port can be as simple as a series of CC compile commands (roll your own DCL version of the makefile) and the creation of a library using several instances of the LIBRARY command to create and then populate an object library, or this can be be a larger porting project. (If you're not familiar with OpenVMS and programming on same, I'd go for the object library and not the more flexible but somewhat more complex shareable image approach.)

The lp_solve stuff claims to be portable and strict ANSI C, which means it should port fairly cleanly.

A quick web search indicates there have been ports in the past, and there are references to porting information on various older ports. (Within the kit, there's a "...meant for UNIX and contains porting information for VMS..." reference; I'd look around in the kit.)