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Steven Schweda
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Re: License

> Hardware ID: X00-00-F8-09-8B-F6

Of course, if that's an Ethernet hardware
address, and the software actually checks it,
and you can't move that card to the new
system (and perhaps even if you can), then
you may have more trouble ahead, even if you
can get the PAK registered.
Guy Peleg
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Re: License

This license would never load on Itanium.
Class F licenses are not allowed on Itanium.

Guy Peleg
Maklee Engineering

Verne Britton
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Re: License

two observations:

1. how did a "F" license ever work on your current Alpha? (see a SHOW LIC/UNIT display)

2. with the ALPHA options keyword, the LICENSE utility would never load (I think) this PAK into memory on an Integrity server ... you should get:

%LICENSE-W-WRGARCH, XXXXXXX license is not valid on this architecture

Guy Peleg
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Re: License


I might be able to help. Please contact
me offline.

Guy Peleg
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dennis cooper

Re: License

OK Thanks all...
Some info from the Alpha...
$ sh lice/unit
VMS/LMF Charge Information for node XXXXX
This is a AlphaServer 1200 5/533 4MB, hardware model type 1736
Type: A, Units Required: 25 (VAX/VMS Capacity or OpenVMS Unlimited or Base)
Type: B, * Not Permitted * (VAX/VMS F&A Server)
Type: C, * Not Permitted * (VAX/VMS Concurrent User)
Type: D, * Not Permitted * (VAX/VMS Workstation)
Type: E, * Not Permitted * (VAX/VMS System Integrated Products)
Type: F, * Not Permitted * (VAX Layered Products)
Type: G, * Not Permitted * (Reserved)
Type: H, Units Required: 1050 (Alpha Layered Products)
Type: I, Units Required: 1050 (Layered Products)

$ sh lice

Active licenses on node XXXXX:

------- Product ID -------- ---- Rating ----- -- Version --
Product Producer Units Avail Activ Version Release Termination
PDS-SE-AXP DCI 0 F 0 0.0 (none) (none)
DW-MOTIF DEC 1050 H 0 0.0 (none) (none)
FORTRAN DEC 100 0 100 0.0 (none) (none)
OPENVMS-ALPHA DEC 25 0 A 0.0 (none) (none)
OPENVMS-ALPHA-ADL DEC 400 0 100 0.0 (none) (none)
UCX DEC 1050 H 0 0.0 (none) (none)

The PDS is an "F" Avail license. I don't know why it works...

I did the
as suggested. Moved the .com to the Itanium.
It worked! The license was registered on the Itanium.
$ license list pds-se-axp
Issuer: DCI
Authorization: SBW-99092-002
Product Name: PDS-SE-AXP
Producer: DCI
Units: 0
Version: 0.0
Release Date: (none)
PAK Termination Date: (none)
Availability: F (VAX Layered Products)
Activity: 0
Options: ALPHA
Hardware ID: X00-00-F8-09-8A-FD

Revision Level: 1
Status: Active
Modified by user: XXXXXXXX
Modified on: 31-AUG-2009 14:44:50.64
[End Of List]

$ lice load pds-se-axp
%LICENSE-W-WRGARCH, PDS-SE-AXP license is not valid on this architecture

The Hardware_ID in the license data is the MAC address of the ethernet card of the Alpha.

Conclusion: The software will not run on the Itanium.

Thanks to everyone for your insight.

Can someone point me to software that can communicate to Siemens controllers on the H1 network?
Guy Peleg
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Re: License

Registration worked. VMS supports common
LDB. We can make it work, contact me offline.

Guy Peleg
Maklee Engineering