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Login error

Regular Advisor

Login error

I am getting following error while log in

%DCL-E-OPENIN, error opening DISK$APPLICATIONS:[RS1R4]RS1LOG.COM; as input
-RMS-F-DEV, error in device name or inappropriate device type for operation
$ dir
%DIRECT-E-OPENIN, error opening ALPHA$DKA0:[UTILITIES]*.*;* as input
-RMS-F-DEV, error in device name or inappropriate device type for operation

Could anybody help?
Kris Clippeleyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Login error


Apparently the (I assume) logical names DISK$APPLICATIONS and ALPHA$DKA0 do not point to valid devices (disk1) for the system.
Check the various DCL procedures (like SYLOGICALS, SYSTARTUP_VMS, SYLOGIN et alia) for those definitions and check your system for the actual devices.

Kris (aka Qkcl)
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Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: Login error


Has this worked before? If YES, what has been changed?

Without any more pertinent info, my first guess is that the defining of DISK$APPLICATIONS as ALPHA$DKA0:[UTILITIES] is invalid.
The syntax DISK$APPLICATIONS:[RS1R4] implies that DISK$APPLICATIONS should be a Concealed Device.
That definition then has to be
( the spaces around the dot in the syntax are for readability, they should NOT be in the definition!

-- only a first guess, without actual code it will be difficult to be sure.



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Robert Gezelter
Honored Contributor

Re: Login error


Background research is appropriate here. DISK$APPLICATIONS is most likely a logical name. It may be defined at a number of levels, including: cluster-wide, system-wide, group-wide, job-wide, or process-wide.

To determine precisely what is happening, start by checking the file executed when a user logs in. Generally, this is LOGIN.COM in their directory, but the actual file is controlled by their entry in the system authorization file. There is also a system wide login profile, generally located in SYS$MANAGER:SYLOGIN.COM, but this can be re-directed by a system-wide logical name.

Logical names can be created at other times, notably at system startup. That will require tracing the flow of what happens when the system is started. Before doing that, looking carefully at the system and various group logical name tables is advised.

Also, is this problem limited to a single account, or is it occurring on a number of accounts.

Reading background like the Programming Concepts manuals, and my series of articles on logical names on is also advised.

- Bob Gezelter,
Steve Reece_3
Trusted Contributor

Re: Login error

As Bob says, look at your LOGIN.COM and at the SYLOGIN.COM or whatever is being defined by SYS$SYLOGIN as this will be run when anyone logs in.
It may also be something pointed to by the LGICMD parameter that's set in your entry in the SYSUAF.

Is that DKA0:
Is the allocation class set to zero (hence ALPHA$DKA0:)?