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Looking for Local (Lexington, KY or NH/Boston area) VMS site

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Looking for Local (Lexington, KY or NH/Boston area) VMS site

I have a 1995 image backup of a VMS 4.7 system that I would like to transfer from tape (TDK 4mm Data Cartridge,DC4-90). It contains an Ingres Database for Clinical Research, among other things. I am hoping to find a VMS site (wonderful would be VMS site running Ingres!) somewhere nearby (I live in NH but go back and forth) that would aid me in creating a duplicate save_set, transferring the data to more modern media that can be read by openVMS,Unix/Linux and potentially reformatting the data. I am hoping to refresh my skills in this area, and wish to find someone intrigued by the task who would not be against having me collaborate. This should not take a big chunk of time, (sounds more involved than it is). I am not looking for a data recovery company, and I have a very small budget. I am also not looking for a Unix site (already been there). I can barter! Thanks for any help out there!
Cronin John
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Re: Looking for Local (Lexington, KY or NH/Boston area) VMS site

LibMut used to (1990) have both ingres and VAX. I know they have I64 now, too.
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Re: Looking for Local (Lexington, KY or NH/Boston area) VMS site

I'd not necessarily expect that DDS-2 90M media will be readable after a dozen years.

As for working with the contents and with Ingres yourself, you can boot and run OpenVMS VAX on most boxes via emulation, and I've posted details on how to do that on a Mac OS X box.


And FWIW, I've posted a tool to read an OpenVMS BACKUP saveset on a Unix box. I've not tested it with tapes, though I know it works with disk-based savesets. See:


And if you'd like to discuss this data transfer further (and whether I can lend assistance), I can be reached via the contact form at the above web site.

Stephen Hoffman
HoffmanLabs LLC