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MMS with many (>20) CMS Libraries fails (EXETOOBIG)

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Re: MMS with many (>20) CMS Libraries fails (EXETOOBIG)

A workaround: make a local copy of SYS$SYSDEVICE:[VMS$COMMON.SYSHLP.EXAMPLES.MMS]MMS$DEFAULT_RULES.MMS and remove the "IF "$(MMS$CMS_LIBRARY)" .NES..." line[s]. Add /RULES= to your MMS command. However, this may break something else, if you use MMS$CMS_LIBRARY in your dependcies or actions.

With CMS$LIB being a search list MMS will fetch the right source module, anyway. Then there is no need to redefine the cms library (with /user) to the specific library the source module was found.

With the logical CMS$LIB being the same for the working and failing environment, obviously something in MMS is broken. I incorrectly expected that in both MMS versions CMS$LIB would be used for MMS$CMS_LIBRARY, because it would work (and you say so) for short search lists.

Please send a bug report.

Re: MMS with many (>20) CMS Libraries fails (EXETOOBIG)


thank you for your reply. This seems to be the best workaround to rebuild any class within the CMS libraries without changing too much.