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Jack Trachtman
Super Advisor


Is there any way to limit the output from MONITOR DISK to a subset of all of the disks?

For example, when I want to monitor all of our DSA disks, I have no interest in seeing the separate DGA disks that make up the shadow sets. And sometimes there is one or only a few disks in particular I'm interested in watching.
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: MONITOR DISK Filtering

That's an old topic on the wishlist of many system admins...

regards Kalle
Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: MONITOR DISK Filtering


much in the same line as Peter Zeichler's


So, same advise: enter an Advocacy Request.
and maybe enter pointers to each other to mutually strenghten the idea.
One vote in favor promised!


Have one on me (maybe in May in Nashua?)

Don't rust yours pelled jacker to fine doll missed aches.
Peter Zeiszler
Trusted Contributor

Re: MONITOR DISK Filtering

I would love to see this capability.

Currently we see all of the DGA (SAN disks), DSA (Shadows of the disks), and DPA (raid sets of the disks).

Put my vote for AYE on filtering disks.
Guy Peleg
Respected Contributor

Re: MONITOR DISK Filtering

Thank you for bringing this to our attention

I'll pass this to the developer of the
MONITOR utility, hopefully we'll be able
to do something for the next version.

Guy Peleg
OpenVMS Engineering
Jess Goodman
Esteemed Contributor

Re: MONITOR DISK Filtering

This is number on on my VMS system management wish list.

In the mean time you might want to look into using Phil Ottewell's PERF_METER package. I believe you can set it up to do this, although it is Motif-based display so can't run on a dumb terminal display and therefore is slower than MONITOR.

(I was about to say slower than MONITOR's SMG display, but on my Alpha VMS 7.3-2 MONITOR is still a translated Vax image (written in PLI I think) that apparently doesn't even use the "new" (introduced around VMS 4.0 I think) SMG screen management API.
I have one, but it's personal.
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: MONITOR DISK Filtering

Jess, you will be glad to know that from V8.2 MONITOR was rewritten in another language as part of the port to Itanium and there is now more chance of enhancements.

Jack, add an issue at
and as people to vote. Five votes and there will be a response.
Purely Personal Opinion
Andy Bustamante
Honored Contributor

Re: MONITOR DISK Filtering

You can configure T4 to collect MONITOR DISK data for your systems and review specific device and combination of devices with TLViz. The default configuration doesn't do this, but a few simple updates provide this info.

If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? Reach me at first_name + "." + last_name at sysmanager net
Jack Trachtman
Super Advisor

Re: MONITOR DISK Filtering

Thanks all.

I have added an issue at

please vote