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MOP BOOT Vaxstation 4000 m90


MOP BOOT Vaxstation 4000 m90


Who knows what MOP protocol versions the old Vaxtstation 4000 m90 supports?
V3? or only V1, V2?
(I'm trying to make it a lavc node from an Alphaserver 1200.)

Johan Eklund
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: MOP BOOT Vaxstation 4000 m90


does the MOP version really matter ? Do you have a problem MOP booting the VAXstation 4000 M90 from your AlphaServer 1200 ? If so, please provide more details...


Kris Clippeleyr
Honored Contributor

Re: MOP BOOT Vaxstation 4000 m90

The VAXstation 4000 is perfectly capable of booting via MOP from either another VAX (MOP server) or from an Alpha (in this case the Alpha must have a VAX system disk mounted).
The MOP version doesn't really matter.
Kris (aka Qkcl)
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Wim Van den Wyngaert
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Re: MOP BOOT Vaxstation 4000 m90

Note that MOP can give "strange" results when the network connection is full duplex while the node thinks it's a half duplex. Packets may arrive incomplete etc.

In such a case you never get the completed message in operator.log.


Re: MOP BOOT Vaxstation 4000 m90

Hi, you are fast aren't you?

About the details, eh, well, the problem is that nothing really happens. But anyhow:

I've set MOP = 1 on the VAX console.

On the Alpha with V7.3 I've configured the 4000 in CLUSTER_CONFIG_LAN and in LATCP. The root is on the systemdisk. Neither a boot from the VAX console (BOOT EZA0) nor a Trigger node X in LATCP results in anything.

In LANCP the sent counters show ALPHA-activity" but there are NO Receive-stats. The Receive counters are all Zero.

Now, the only strange message I get is from LANCP when I do a SHOW DEVICE EWA0, it says that the device is not found; LANCP-E-DEVNFND. The Show command displays the ethernet address and I can change the packet size. A List Device command displays the same characteristics but without the error message.

I've tried using V3 and V4 MOP protocol characteristics in LANCP but it doesn't matter.

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: MOP BOOT Vaxstation 4000 m90


to boot any VAX satellite from an OpenVMS Alpha node, you need an OpenVMS VAX system disk connected to and MSCP-served by the OpenVMS Alpha system (that's called cross-architecture booting).

You also need an entry for the node in the LANCP node database, e.g.:

LANCP> lis node

Node Listing, permanent database:
CHASAT (08-00-2B-xx-xx-xx):
Load root: DSA20:[SYS2.]
Boot type: VAX satellite

and an entry for the LAN interface in the LANCP device DLL database, e.g.:

LANCP> lis dev/dll

Device Listing, permanent database:
--- Downline Load Service Characteristics ---
Device State Access Mode Clients Data Size
------ ----- ----------- ------- ---------
EWA0 Enabled NoExclusive NoKnownClientsOnly 246 bytes

The active config is shown with appropriate LANCP> SHOW ... commands.

Once all these pre-requisites are met, MOP booting is easy: >>> B EZA0

Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: MOP BOOT Vaxstation 4000 m90


the answer by Volker is fully correct.

What I am missing in his answer, is the emphasis on the ROOT DEVICE.

In his example:

Load root: DSA20:[SYS2.]

where DSA20 is a --- VAX --- system disk, ([SYS2.] the system root) and NOT the SYS$SYSDEVICE of the boot server!

CLUSTER_CONFIG_LAN is NOT configuring that!

Re-read http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/731FINAL/4477/4477pro_020.html#cross_arch_boot
(tnx, Kris!) for detailed instructions HOW to enter eexactly WHAT in the LANCP database.


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Re: MOP BOOT Vaxstation 4000 m90

Hi all,

Thanx for your input, it's up and running.