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%MULTINET-F-ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused

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%MULTINET-F-ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused

Hi I am sending email form from VMS machine but the mails are getting requeued in smtp queue and if I check the /ful of entry in requeue

/PARAM=("fedex.com; %MULTINET-F-ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused")

although I could send emails sucessfully form on of my other server near by
any idea what could be the reason
Honored Contributor

Re: %MULTINET-F-ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused

Any other hosts, or just fedex?

Are you Fedex, or somebody else sending mail to Fedex?

Do you have a fixed public static IP address for the server?

As a guess, you're probably considered and configured as a spammer, though there could be any number of other reasons a message can be refused. Graylisting, for instance.

Check your reverse DNS for the host for validity, whether you're set up as a mail server within the domain using SPF or such, and whether there's another mail server within the domain that you should be sending your mail from/via.

There has to be a better log within Multinet than whatever you're reading. Dig around.

And go check with Process software directly. Some Process folks do wander past here, but the Process folks know their software the best.
Andy Bustamante
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Re: %MULTINET-F-ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused

Does this work for any othe hosts? Did it work before and stop working?

As Hoff points out, FedEx may have decided you're a spammer. That could be from improperly configured reverse DNS or presence on black list.

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Re: %MULTINET-F-ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused

> That could be from improperly configured reverse DNS or presence on black list.

In this instance it is not likely a reverse DNS issue as the connection is refused - the reverse DNS check occurs after the connection is accepted and the client host announces itself with a directive. I suppose that a black list could be done in this manner too - or it might be implemented as a filter on port.

Interaction with intervening firewalls often produce this behavior.
Richard Whalen
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Re: %MULTINET-F-ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused

Connection refused implies that the MX servers that were attempted for fedex.com would not accept a connect to port 25. Are both machines using the same DNS server?

As others have said, you should contact Process Software for complete support.

Re: %MULTINET-F-ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused

hi everyone
thanks for your responces this gave me some lead and sorry was not able to reply in time

did some troubleshooting

I tried to send email via telnet to yahoo.com
the yahoo.com mail server rejected the mail and from my server

because: we were using the NATing and some of the windows system sent spam via same NAT ip >>> gradually that ip got black listed and Mail servers stoped receiving emails comeing via that ip

I added forwarder in the the TCPWARE config /mail

> set forwarder
to send mails via different path
everything is working fine till now

thanks for support
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Re: %MULTINET-F-ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused

It wasn't the NAT specifically, it was that you were flagged as a spammer. That your forward and reverse DNS did not match. (Though NAT makes matching that tougher.)

Re: %MULTINET-F-ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused

I checked the ip on
and the the NAT IP is listed in CBL

this is what Spamhaus says about my NAT ip

ATTENTION: At the time of detection, this IP was infected with, or NATting for a computer infected with a high volume spam sending trojan - it is participating or facilitating a botnet sending spam or spreading virus/spam trojans.

ATTENTION: If you simply repeatedly remove this IP address from the CBL without correcting the problem, the CBL WILL eventually stop letting you delist it and you will have to contact us directly.

This is the cutwail spamBOT


Re: %MULTINET-F-ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused

I got a New Issue again

As a workaround I added "forwarder" in TCPWARE SMTP configuration

Some mails goes via Fowarder which is configured in TCPWARE SMTP


note: I observed like if I send 4 different mail 2 of them will go via forwarder and other 2 will still go via old path

is it some kind of load balancing or somthing ??? if yes how could we chek this and force every mail to go via forwarder ?