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Memory pool paging device

Rahul Khare
Occasional Advisor

Memory pool paging device


We recntly had a drive failure on Alpha VAX 1000A server. This drive was used for memory paging purpose. We recently replaced the drive. My question is how to add this new drive back into the memory pool? I believe it should be simple, straightforward way but since I am a new user, any help would be appreciated. I have already initialized and mounted the new drive on the server. We are runnig VMS 6.2 version.
Honored Contributor

Re: Memory pool paging device


You should have a command procedure in sys$startup:sylogicals.com or in sys$startup:systartup_vms.com or in
sys$startup:sypagswpfiles.com or in a procedure shown in
$ mc sysman startup show file
that does something like
$ mc sysgen instal disk:pagefilex.sys/page

Just recreate this file, with a command such as
$ mc sysgen create disk:pagefilex.sys/size=200000
(if you need a pagefile of 200 000 blocks)
and just run the command procedure that does the

$ mc sysgen instal...

See the comments in sys$startup:sypagswpfiles.com

Check with
$ sh memory/files
that you see your file installed as a pagefile
Wim Van den Wyngaert
Honored Contributor

Re: Memory pool paging device

Note that this can be done in other files too. Better
$ sea sys$startup:*.com sysgen , inst , page /ma=and
to find the script.

Note that you need to know the size of the page file too (and also the swapfile, normally installed in the same script). If you don't know the size, you may check console manager (in output of show mem) or VPA (virtual memory) or whatever monitoring tool with some history function.


Rahul Khare
Occasional Advisor

Re: Memory pool paging device

thanks for responding..worked perfectly.
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Memory pool paging device

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