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Missing OpenVMS V8.4 online documentation

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Missing OpenVMS V8.4 online documentation



I am trying to access the OpenVMS V8.4 online documentation at address http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/os84_index.html but the page appears to be missing.


I couldn't find a page for reporting bad links so am doing so here.


Anyone from HP listening?

Steven Schweda
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Re: Missing OpenVMS V8.4 online documentation

> [...] but the page appears to be missing.


   One of a zillion (or so), apparently. Another example:




which is linked to from:



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Re: Missing OpenVMS V8.4 online documentation

Beyond the HP folks, you'll probably want to ask VSI when they'll have their OpenVMS documentation web site and related materials available, as they're the folks doing new OpenVMS releases.  (FWIW, HP has a published roadmap for exiting the OpenVMS business.  The HP folks are apparently also presently pretty busy splitting up the whole of the HP web site ahead of their November corporate split, too.   This outage is very likely part of that split.)


As for your question and extracted from parts of the comp.os.vms newsgroup discussion of this:

"FWIW, the OpenVMS docs are reachable at an alternate web site outside of the old OpenVMS h71000 web site at <http://h30266.www3.hp.com/odl/axpos/opsys/vmsos84/index.html> ..."


"...<http://www8.hp.com/us/en/support-search.html?tab=2#qryterm=openvms&search_searchtype=s-001>. Navigating from there to what HP is referring to as User Guides for OpenVMS V8.x (V8.4) puts you on a web page with a list of manuals for pretty much everything (DECdns, Fortran, ACMS, OpenVMS itself, etc). Interestingly, with what look to be the dates that the manual was uploaded into thec ontent management system listed as update dates, and with the manual date in the title. <http://hp.com/go/openvms/doc> goes... nowhere."