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Re: Missing VMS Road Maps

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Missing VMS Road Maps


It is my understanding that the VMS Roadmaps were to come out roughly every 3 months but it looks like it's been about 8 months since the last one: -


Now I know there are newer ones in existance 'cos I seen one such animal on the Swedish TUD presentations.

Is the above site no longer being updated?

Where do we go to get the latest Roadmap from HP?

What's the hold-up?

Regards Richard Maher
Honored Contributor

Re: Missing VMS Road Maps

Found it over here (page 15).

But that doesn't answers your questions.

Valued Contributor

Re: Missing VMS Road Maps

No Sue to do it!
Have fun,

If it can't be done with a VT220, who needs it?
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Re: Missing VMS Road Maps

Wim, I get http 404 from that link. Anyone else?

Paul, are you saying Sue's replacement is rubbish?

Regards Richard Maher
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Re: Missing VMS Road Maps

Is the message therefore that OpenVMS has reached the end of the road?
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Re: Missing VMS Road Maps

Peter (and Richard),

Fact one, it is described as "at the TUD".

Fact two, the URL does not seem to be updated.

Conclusion: There was a mistake/accident/oversight.

If the business world ended when the first mistake happened, none of us would be here.

While one hopes that the team does see postings of this type, it would be more productive (and even perhaps courteous), do drop an email to the published email address for the product management team.

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
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Re: Missing VMS Road Maps


I have been requested to take the TUD presentations offline, because all participents had to sign an NDA, and somebody thinks the presentations fall under that, too. It's being worked on to convince them that the presentations do not contain anything new over last year's slides ;-)

Sorry 'bout that.

Martin (admin of de.OpenVMS.org)
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Re: Missing VMS Road Maps

The links to the TUDs can be found here:


The Road Map is one of the presentations.

Bill Pedersen
CCSS - Computer Consulting System Services, LLC
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Re: Missing VMS Road Maps


So while those drove Digital into the ground continue to wreak havoc and spread mis/disinformation in order to promote and fund their own little empires, the poor VMS customer is left to flounder, none the wiser as to where the next management vacilation will come from :-(

Martin, it would be interesting to know who "asked" you and it will also be interesting to see what's changed when/if a new RoadMap is ever posted!

For Pete's sake, one of the first things on the RaodMap says in can (and often does) change without notice; what's the big secret?

I'm guessing more arm-bending/treachery time reqd to cement funding and prominence for pet-projects.

I'm also guessing they're clearly not happy at IPsec being back on the agenda and Industry Standard, Apache Driven, Axis/2 was given a whole slide on one of the presentations I saw; (sandwiched between 50 pages of gSOAP and WSIT) surely a foot-note would have been sufficient :-(

Regards Richard Maher
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Re: Missing VMS Road Maps


How are your conclusions panning out?

Regards Richard maher