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Mount request

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Mount request

I use a taeloader and our full backup needs several tapes. My tapeloader is configured to load the next tape if a tape is full.
But dataprotector comes with a mount request and waits for confirmation. I want to overrule this and let dataprotector wait for 3 minutes before the backupjob goes on. How can i do this.

John Slangewal
Jan van den Ende
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Re: Mount request


to start with:

WELCOME to the VMS forum!

CockpitManager would be the tool for you.

If you can not/will not e able to purchase it, it CAN be done with just VMS and "some" DDCL.

- (if not already) start LAT

- create a LAT terminal

- REPLY/ENABLE that terminal for TAPES class messages

- create a suitably prived (at least OPER, and if not from the same UIC as the backup, also WORLD) detached process or batch job that

. reads the LAT device (at least twice within your timeout period)

. finds any relevant OPCOM REQUEST, and REPLYs as needed.

- Make DOUBLY SURE of the error handling & robustness, have a mechanism in place to supervise this process, and restart (and report) it when needed.

>>> Perhaps in the end CockpitManager will turn out to be cheaper, and more reliable (AND, it is supported!).

Heel vel succes!


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